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I eat books and get eaten by them. It's an uncomplicated relationship. 

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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins oh.my.gosh ! i might just die imagining myself in situations , Anna was going through in the book ! :D
now the typical story goes like : girl likes guy . girl cant make a move because the guy is already booked ! girl tries shunning away the feelings , but which in turn grows stronger . and then starts the romantically-fantastic journey ! and i can barely breaaathe !
France ! Paris ! and the perfect guy !and when i say 'perfect' , i mean it ! this was what gave the book 'a-Pulitzer-size-award' ! and put together with amazing lines and conversations between the characters just added the cherry on top of the cake ! the supporting characters also mash up well ! its a delight to read about not only how a relationship evolves but also how a friendship kept building up ! and my my my my st. Clair ! a perfect guy to crush on ! :D