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Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler i'm not into books which make you cry in the end and those which hold no 'happy-endings' in the end ! but trust me , i was completely wrong ! twenty boy summer , is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read ! Anna and Frankie are best friends forever and they are off to California for vacation and vow to have a blast during their holidays ! they make a plan to hold a contest in which they need to get involved with 20 boys . although it sounds crazy yet fun , Anna is reluctant in doing so because shes in love with Frankie's older brother Matt , who unfortunately died .
now cut to California , Anna manages to keep Frankie smiling and finds a smile on her own face when she meets Sam ( a really H.A.W.T guy :P ) . now cut to the problems , Frankie isn't aware of how Anna and Matt felt about each other and Anna , well poor girl , keeps everything buried inside herself !
this book is totally heartbreaking yet like those which when u finish leave a satisfied and glowing smile on your face . the best part is the conclusion that Anna made very clear in the end . and for me that one conclusion was everything i needed :)