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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare to start on a positive note , the way the author , Cassandra Clare has woven the mini-cute-adorable-powerful strings of this book as a whole is beautiful ! love the imagination ! love the way its described ! and yes , i love the guy ! Jace , you are like 'shoot-my-eyes-out-of-my-socket-adorable' ! :D
but now coming to the point !
this book broke my heart ! SHATTERED it into pieces !
and its not because someone dies or gets sick or gets kidnapped or gets lost in some ugly dark tunnel ! its because of that pathetic destruction of my love fantasy .
obviously , the story-line is actually quite intelligent , though !
the climax is just WOW (really !! )
but like i said , i am a sappy romantic lover and the end broke my heart ! i mean every broken piece is still screaming , 'why! oh ! why ! oh ! why!'
in all the book is really nice :)
so u should really give it a try !