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Looking for Alaska - John Green LOOKING FOR ALASKA-------> well is a thing of beauty !

“Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'. I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.”

soothing words aren't they ?

now i quite remember a time when my mom ( whose a fan of gooey romance , as well ) telling me about how you rarely find love stories written by the male species these days , recalling the last person she read being , William Shakespeare . anyway , i had already heard a lot about this book and so when it suddenly popped up right before me , i was like *hmmmmm* lets give it a try :)
now enough with my psycho-babble about how i found this book and how i decided to read it and can NOW proudly say ! THAT WELL I WAS STUPID NOT TO READ THIS BOOK BEFORE !:P

anyway , this book is about , Miles Halter who loves to memorize last words of famous people ! looking for an adventure after being inspired by , Francois Rabelais's last words which all in all meant seeking an unknown 'great perhaps',he leaves florida , goes to a new school and meets his roommate , chip martin a.k.a the colonel ! and also meets takumi and lara ! and finally the bubbly ALASKA :)
i laughed throughout the mid-section of the book ! and get this :- miles gets nicknamed as 'pudge' ! ( now how cute is that )
the pranks they played ! the fun they had all seemed so........ fun-filling to read !

obviously coming to the point , it felt so real to peek inside a boys mind ! ( no , i dont mean to be a perv ! )

but its the kind of something which gets you !
the point of climax came as a blow ! its like those things that happen when you least expect it to !
and after that i was on a roll ! i clinged to every word , took them in , gulped them ! the best part about this book is about its depth of the very reason its based on -----> looking for answers !
i related to the characters at this point of time . the curiosity , the mysteries , the answers ! and every single thing ! its like juggling through your brain to solve those answers !

in the end , LOOKING FOR ALASKA ---> well is a thing of a beauty ! (am i being repetitive ?)
hold on to this books ! its amazing :)