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Fallen - Lauren Kate the book is cheesy -.-
thats it ! i cant go further !
what is it with guy-angels being so snobby and stupid and LAME ?
and i dont really need to mention the girl , because shes LAMER !
why i read this book ? i love fantasy :D
why i hated this book ? like i said its cheesy ?

so to start off , the book aint that bad when you start (its not that great also), its just fine !
the mysteries , hidden truth , and blah blah things go on ...like when Luce is trying to find out answers and the reason for Daniel's mysterious behavior , and why she is stuck in that dark dirty ugly looking school ? and things like that !

now when she finally comes to know the truth through Daniel itself ! she goes berserk , actually frankly speaking Daniel goes more berserk ! ( its like they're competing against each other to be the stupidest creature on this planet).

and the transition of certain characters from good to evil and evil to good , started to piss me off !
the flow of the book is slow at the start , i must say the detailing of 3/4 th of the book is okay !
but then whats with the climax and the end ?!? why is the story so faaast ! when it needs to be slow ! its like the author wrote the book and hurried off to finish it !
and let me be honest ! this was a waste of time !
and along with the book , there was this excerpt to the sequel , and c'mon ! books should get better when taken to the next level !! the second book looks even cheesier !

one positive thing -> (just one) i like the cover ! :D ( i think thats what attracted me at the first place)