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Beastly - Alex Flinn i saw the movie :)
i saw the guy ( he's Alex pettyfer BTW ) :D == (eyes shining)
i saw the girl ( Vanessa hudgens ) :P == (eyes rolling)

but , then i saw ....'based on the book by Alex flinn'

okay , the book all in all was nice ! as in it was an okay read :)
maybe its because before reading it , i read some spectacularly heart pounding romance novels that i do not find it 'wow-ful'...but coming to the point i really really liked the idea of it !
this book is set in the modern world and is like a reincarnated version of beauty and the beast !
it shows how Kyle kingsbury , (the main character of the story and who is a 'rich-hawt-good-looking-douche-bag' ) transforms into a beast due to his brat like attitude of course by a witch :)

the thing i like about this book is how his way of living life and understanding of his nonsensical brain changes into an adorable and matured guy with a 'fixed' brain !
the love story like it should be is mildly 'heart-fluttering' and is sweet :)
infact i loved the characters of will and magda !
this book is not the world's greatest book ! its not epic in anyway !
but yes it is sweet , pretty with a funny bone :D