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Moonglass - Jessi Kirby im not really sure about my feelings about this one :/

firstly , Moonglass , has been written beautifully ! and the author has done a commendable job considering it being her debut novel :)
the book is about Anna , who has to move away from Pismo beach (her previous home) and has to go to crystal cove , the very place where her parents met and fell in love and also the place where her mom committed suicide , which unfortunately had been witnessed by Anna when she was just a fragile seven year old .

the way the 'grief' has been laid out in words is nice and you can clearly see what Anna is going through and how she blames herself for her mother's death .

but ! thats just what it is ! you can only SEE what shes going through and not feel it !
as a reader i really have a habit of not liking a character unless i can relate , understand or even look through the protagonist's eye ! so that atleast i understand about the basic perspective of the whole storyline .
then there were tiny flaws that kept stinging . like the relationships she shared with the characters of the story started out beautifully and were actually interesting to read about , but just as it started it ended and felt unsatisfying .
there could have been more things mentioned about her bond with Joy , Ashley and Jillian .
especially , Jillian as the kind of understanding they shared . As both of them knew how it felt being there in a situation where you lose someone whose really important to you !

other than that , i did like Anna's and Tyler's cute summer romance . it gave a light-hearty feel to the story .

although ,the most important thing would be the way she is with her dad . their awkward conversations , her urges to ask him answers and his very wish to finally connect with his daughter were emotionally touching , i just felt that the author could have given us more .

but what i really liked best was the end . it was really STRONG ! it was like the ones where someone gives an amazing speech and concludes with a strong conclusion ! :)

Moonglass , is a nice book in my opinion .
Jessi kirby's writing holds a lot of potential :)
and i would love to read more from her :D