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Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley AUSTRALIA ! aaaaaah ! :D
what can i say ? im in love with you :)

eeeeeee ! aaaahhh ! wheeeeeee ! yaaaaay ! okay , calm down , breathe , CALM DOWN !

let me just start by saying , that this book has put a sudden interest of mine in graffiti :)
WOW ! usually i would use this ( --> 'WOW' ) word when ive read something which has melted my soul , or given an early morning sunshine rise to my mind or has sent me into valleys of deep thinking or just makes my heart flutter ( like really bad) ! but never , till now , have i come across a book which has captivated me with its pure lyrical prose and defined it as a portrait in itself !
being a devotee of arts , i am all about creativity and the sound of it attracts me and pulls me and just wraps me in its deeps folds ! and thats the kind of effect this book had on me .

in the book , Lucy struggles with her life as she is hell-bent on finding , Shadow , the artist of certain graffiti(s) painted and scattered all over the city ! the fact that attracts her the most is that she can relate and completely identify and understand what the creator's perspective of creation is . with art as a common thing between them , she believes , that the mysterious-unknown Shadow could be the guy of her life . its the end of year 12 , Lucy , Jazz and Daisy intend to have the time of their lives and celebrate ! and thats where she comes across ED :)

Ed , is the ultimate HERO of the story ! hes what we call , a "Survivor" ! he stays with his single mom and has a hard time financially as he has no job ! the one place where he finds solace is his art and with just a can of spray-paint he creates a beautiful world of his own on the walls of the city through a graffiti (of course) . holy molly ! hes Shadow :D

together , Lucy and Ed set out on a night's journey to find Shadow .
i loved the way the story has been laid out in both of their point-of-views and also how they try to avoid each other at first because of their hilarious history together ;) and also , their friends , Daisy , Dylan , Jazz and leo ! i laughed my arse of ! XD
i adored the fact that both , Lucy and Ed , had Al and Bert ( their kind of fatherly-mentors) who guided them throughout :)

i can also not miss out leo's poetry which was beautiful .
Cath crowley's writing is definitely something to look out for !
in fact , let me just state that the stupid things ive written above seems hopelessly weird to me ! and i have no idea why am i still going on and on and ON !
okay im gonna stop !
i love this book ! eeeeeeeeee (cant stop gushing!)
two words ----> read it ! (and if you dont read it , no offence , ill throw it right at you , obviously with a harmless intention , ofcourse ...he he he :) :P