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As I Wake - Elizabeth Scott lets just start by me saying that im awfully confused . :/
'confusion' is the term suitable for this book . (im not sure what the author intended , but yeah i was confused halfway through the book )

5 pages in the book and i thought , that the plot doesn't even make sense , so lets just chuck reading this book !...but then that eerie feeling came along , that every book deserves a chance and since it had just been 5 minutes , since i flipped up the pages , i thought another 5 minutes and then if this book fails ...its goodbye to it !

as said earlier , i was confused ! as a reader but also someone who was walking the journey with Ava , the main protagonist of the book .
Ava wakes up in the hospital with no memory of why and how she ended up there at the first place . the shocking thing is , that she has no idea that the women beside her crying her eyes out is her mother and that she actually goes to this expensive private school or that she even has any friends . doctors say that shes amnesiac , but the weird thing is that not only does she feel lost but also feels like she doesn't belong there or even that time . she knows that something is terribly wrong as she keeps having visions of herself in some other creepy dark place , in some different phase of time , with her similar-faced friends but under a dystopian lifestyle .

the book is in a way fairly imaginatively created with great passion . the concept of two differnt worlds is great !
Ava's and Morgan's romance is something which is literally 'beyond-this-universe' . ( yes , i mean it literally as well as metaphorically ) :D

on a personal note , the effect the book had on me was , like i said , confusing ( weird , eh :P )
but i think thats what it is all about , its like your flowing and moving with Ava . she was as confused as i was . she was as clueless i was . and the truth and revelation of certain secrets hit her at same time it hit me .

im not gonna say that this book is to be loved by all . because hello , this book is too damn slow in its pace and if it wasn't for my patient mood , well . it would have been 'sayonara-book' long back :)

and if after this you think that you could give some time and read this book , im not certain about it , but if you did like the book the way i did , the ending would take your breath away :)

rating -> 3.5 :)