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A Little Wanting Song - Cath Crowley this is the second one i read by Cath crowley :)
and even though i expected and sort of knew that i would have a wonderful time reading this book , the 'bitter-sweet moments' , 'the strong bond of friendship' and 'heart-fluttering-stomach-tickling words' didn't fail to surprise me ( yet again ) and steal my heart away ! :)

the book is a pure work of beauty . i loved this book !
after reading Graffiti moon , i really had my hopes up and since i really really and REALLY like Cath crowley i wouldnt have been able to bare any sort of disappointment .
but like i said , i loved this book ! :D *yayieee*

the plot unfolds the story of two girls , Charlie and Rose .
while , Charlie is a timid , wants to be noticed and a forever shy kind of a girl with a confident and musical inner soul . Rose , is the strong , ambitious kind of a person with a subtle soft heart somewhere hidden beneath her bitchy attitude .
they are pretty much the same in every way yet absolutely different . they have this great 'want' for freedom and to live life the way they want to . they want to be noticed ! to be understood and most of all to be loved !
im going to say that both of their characters in a way felt realistic ! there is always this tiny thing in their way of leading life that you could relate to ! like obviously , the way people say that they don't care about what the world thinks but obviously there's this hiding piece in their hearts which wishes for the exact opposite ! or maybe like how you don't want to act desperate in front of a guy you like but are freaking dying of desperation ! ( ooh this ones too relate-able ) and such blah blah things go on....and then comes the concept of that 'want' of your wish or dream or anything to come true .....

and relating to how the character feels is one thing , but the thing which makes this book more special is how it grabs your attention :)

ooh i liked loads of characters in this book ! like Charlie's grandpa and even luke ! (i know you're stupid but i forgive you ) i would also like to mention the role Dave played in the book ! you can see how he wants Charlie to like him the way he likes her ! ( the parts that included them were one of the most adorable and the cutest parts of the book according to me ) :D

and did i mention the songs Charlie wrote ? i could freaking cut-copy-paste the lyrics on Facebook and i bet ill get some 100 likes ! (i dont intend to do so ...he..he..he :P )

like every similar book which i loved ! here's me going again ! this book touched me ! and its because such books just radiate the 'postives-vibes-related-to-hope ' sort of things ! ( ---> direct indication to---> 'On the jellicoe road ' )

although ive blabbered nothing but praises about this book , im still going to give it 4 stars :)
its because i loved 'Graffiti moon' more than this one . ( i know it doesnt sound fair ! )
and honestly these two books cant be compared because the whole idea of their stories is different from each other . but thats what came in my mind at first :)

i recommend you to read it :)
another wonderful one by an Aussie writer ! ( yep ! my crush on Australia is growing :D :P )