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Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition - Chetan Bhagat this was a very strong book ! and made a really powerful point !
it starts of by introducing us to the lives of two best friends , Gopal and Raghav who strive for a bright future filled with great achievements.

both want a taste of success ,but their way of reaching to the top is different ! while both want to make a difference , one deters from the way and takes up the road of corruption , while one leads a life-changing revolution :)

among all this , both fall in love with the same girl , Aarti .
who i absolutely disliked ! i mean how bitchy and 'changing boys again and Again' cheap could she be . :P i hate her .

though , i did like raghav , a lot ! he was strong and even after his downfalls . he didnt lose hope ! yes , he's the one who leads the movement against corruption . though , he wasn't the one who made the difference , it was Gopal . :)

though , the ending was fairly predictable , i couldn't stop crying !
its a breath of fresh air .
usually no offence , but Indian authors start their novels beautifully but end up making them 'bollywood-ish' ! :P and thats a big no-no from me !

though , this was nonetheless of that sort , the idea of a fight against corruption and also the last part which is EPIC , was really appealing to me ! :D

Chetan bhagat i applaud you for THAT ! because the idea of having the author itself in the book as a character is genius ! :)

i loved the book :)