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A Lot like Love - Julie James the second i finished reading Something About You , i knew that the next book by Julie James and i were meant to meet .
i had this premonition that i would love it .
i knew that once i start off i wouldn't stop .
i was prepared for the hilarious punches in the story .
i expected A LOT !

so did i get what i thought i would ?


i completely fell in love with this one !
the words and the witty-funny (even trash talking) things tickled my tummy pathetically .. i laughed and laughed and LAUGHED .
other than that , this book is terribly sexy .
just like its predecessor , A Lot Like Love involves a smashingly 'HOT' FBI agent Nick McCall and a wine-loving-heel-tapping billionaires Jordan Rhodes :)

with their mission to catch the ultimate drug lord , the FBI devises a plan which involves a Sting operation which can only be done with someones help . Incoming Jordan and Nick .
while the plan is on , Jordan and Nick feel a magnetic attraction between them and then onwards are the things which make this book heart-flutteringly-amazing :D

im going to say , that there were some parts which were so adorable i just couldnt help but giggle ..hee..hee.

even though i liked A LOT LIKE LOVE more than SOMETHING ABOUT YOU , i felt the male lead ( Jack pallas ) in the first book was way more appealing than the one ( Nick ) in this book . ( not that i didn't love him too ! but its what it is in my heart ! )

loved the book !
waiting for the third one to come . (and if im right , its about Kyle ! who happens to be Jordan's brother ) :D