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Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater did i hate this book ?
methinks not .

did i love this book ?
nope , it just wasn't THAT great .

to be honest ! it looked like a wolf-version of the usual vampire novels .
its the same old star-crossed lover thing , ALL OVER again in which all things come right down to the 'i-cant-be-with-you-because-i-and-you-ARE NOT-residents-of-the-same-species' type of drama or the ones where i-want-to-be-with-you-but-i-have-blah-blah-reasons-because-of-which-i-cant . :P

its written in an alternative POV style , where the main protagonists , Sam and Grace have known each other ( or atleast ) felt each other since Grace was attacked by a pack of wolves ( only to be saved by Sam ! how typical ,eh ! ) at the age of eleven .

since , then the bond they share has been unbreakable , where both can feel each other and have this longing desire to be with each other .

let me just babble out at what i felt ! okay , till the time they did not meet and kept on expressing their views on their desperate and wishful need for each other , the book had me hooked onto it .

and then when they finally met !
from here onwards i was bored to death >.<<br/>and then i had these thoughts of abandoning this book .
but like always the stupid me ! i belong to the category of those human beings who really want to finish of the book till the very end , even if it meant puking their stomachs out . im guessing that its the 'satisfying feeling' of finishing a book that makes me want to go ahead .

anyway , towards the end i did like the book !
there were these little things that caught up and i thought ...hmm not really that bad huh ?

i mean c'mon after Sam goes away as a wolf , i almost felt bad for Grace and then afterwards the way she races to cure Sam and the way she reminds him of the certain heart warming moments they spent together , i was on the 'liking-it more' scale and then the last page ! with its last few words ...

“Grace,” I said, very softly. “Say something.”
Sam,” she said, and I crushed her to me.”

just saved the book for me !

after reading the whole book , ive come to a conclusion !
the book aint that great and it did not entirely suck ! yet it had its moments----> direct emphasis on the ending part ! (what can i say ? im a sucker for romance :D )

there are always cases of sequels being better than the previous books.
and i hope it happens for this trilogy too :)
im going to give it a chance and go ahead with the promising sequel . *fingers crossed* :D