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City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare it was a nice read , better than the previous one !
im not sure if i love the series or not ? but the books ive read yet , which are the first and the second ones , haven't failed to keep my interest!
now my brain will be searching and hunting down the third one , City of Glass with greedy eyes ! :D

anyway , as for the plot , the book shows us the things that happened after Valentine ( the bad guy ) ran away with a mortal instrument , the mortal cup and how he leaves behind two fallen-in-love idiots , who are brother and sister in relation ! (terrible , eh ! )

anyway , this book is more action packed ! and you get to know more characters and learn about the older ones much better ! like i completely fell in love with the role Magnus bane played ! ( boy , i love his sarcasm ! )

this book is filled with hilarious punches ! i laughed out loud while reading certain funny things said by the characters in the book !

and wowiee i loved Simon in this one ! and on a bitter note hated Jace !
c'mon who picks up a fight with werewolves ! thats stupid :P though i know that it was what the whole purpose was , making Jace more angsty because he was accused of something he didnt do and because he loves his sister the way he shouldn't :P

and Clary really is a liability , shes the lamest heroine i know !
and wow the romantic tension is so irritating ! i mean why cant you both just get together ! ugh !

anyway , how much ever i hated the leading protagonists , i absolutely loved the supporting characters ! i adored isabelle and Alec ! and did i mention that i loved Magnus too ? ( oh i think i did :D )
and the relationship between clary and luke was heart-warming :)

oh and did i mention simon ? ( i think i did that too , didn't i ? )
the way he is ! his sarcastic way of talking and how he changes into a sexy sun-protected-vampire was so awesome !

i loved the way Cassandra Clare has laid out the book , it defines an attractive look at imagination ! but one thing !
why does everything in the book , taste , smell or feel like metal ? like for example , " i fell down and my mouth tasted like copper ? " or "i fell on something metallic in the ship ." ( duh ! isnt a ship metallic ? )

okay the lines above were my interpretation of what Jace or any other character said using the 'metal-related' adjective ! but c'mon thats what they meant !

anyway , enough of blabber ! :)
the book was nice , i'd recommend you the book :D