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Just One Wish - Janette Rallison like other GR members i completely agree ! the cover is really pretty :)
Just One Wish by Janette Rallison , was a quick-fluffy-cute book .

let me inform you firsthand itself , that the contents present in this book are utterly unbelievable ! the ending is completely predictable and if certain areas would have been given a few more extra pages of describing and more of things in them , i would have absolutely loved this book ! (not that i hate it , i just 'like' it :D )

the story unfolds and brings us to Annika Truman's world where she belongs to the category of those people who are fearless , brave , confident , strong and... CRAZY !
an excellent archer and an amazing face reader , Annika leads a life where once when shes determined to achieve something , she'll do anything in her power to get it or do it ! (or she might go a little to beyond her limits :P )

Annika's little brother Jeremy unfortunately suffers from cancer which can only be treated if a surgery is pulled off successfully . with the attempt to make her brother happy , Annika pretends to know a genie whose granted her three wishes , among which (according to her) one shes already used . left behind are two wishes , which is obviously given to Jeremy . her plans go awry when Jeremy wishes to meet the star actor , Steve Raleigh , the teen robin hood in a show .
always determined , Annika plans to do what she must ! she must convince the THE Steve Raleigh to come with her and meet Jeremy . ( now how was she gonna do that ? )

i liked the idea of the story ! and i also loved some parts of the book which were highly attractive to me ! like the story Annika made up about the underworld . you can clearly see how she traces herself as the Protagonist of the story and how mixed her feelings are and how she wants to be strong and confident but clearly is scared and is fighting and pushing ahead to just see that one smile on her brother's face .

i just hoped this book could be a bit longer ! i really like it ! if only it could feel a bit believable !! :/

other than that i adored , Jeremy ! this six year old angel just made up the whole book for me ! the way he is supportive and clearly knows about his fate and yet is clueless in some way is so heartbreaking . the end specially was the highlight ! Annika had always paused at the point where she had to explain the ending of the self made story about a brother and a sister stuck in the underworld . but later this pause is filled up with Jeremy's idea of the ending which is a beautiful one!

there is always this love for brothers ! the one filled with bitter-sweet memories which shows the two sides of a coin , sometimes love and sometimes hate ! yet it is something so unexplained and you know it that you love your sibling more than ever ! Annika'a love for Jeremy and vice-versa reminded me about that .

and about the romantic relationship between Steve and Annika ?
it was pathetically unreal ! like i said , would have loved it if the book was a bit longer and where you could read more about them .

for the ending part , i did get teary eyed :)

Just one Wish by Janette Rallison is a cute-fluffy-quick read ! :D
though it is predictable and is a bit too 'fictional' ! i liked how the story has been laid out and how you are aware of one sister's desperate need to get her little brother's wish come true :)