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The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta Melina Marchetta , my praises for you are not going to stop . EVER .

i knew it ! i knew that after reading , ON THE JELLICOE ROAD and SAVING FRANCESCA , my journey with her literary masterpieces are just not going to stop ! i don't really know how she does it ? i mean seriously , HOW ?!?

this lady is like the Shakespeare of our century . ( and i mean it with my whole heart and complete devotion. )
want to know what makes Melina Marchetta's novels Epic ?
it's what we call plain Originality .

SAVING FRANCESCA introduced us to Francesca and her friends , where i fell in love with a sarcastic , witty boy , who in this world is known as Thomas Finch Mackee . :)
my happiness and excitement held no bounds as when i came across THIS book which has Thomas's story peacefully hidden in it .

it's the MM effect !! you know that you can never in your life hate the book . and i knew it that THIS book was going to be EXACTLY how i expected it to be .

but do you really know what i found out after finished reading it ?
somethings take you away , literally just scoop you of your feet , that you can't help but marvel at the strength of just some words creating such an effect on your mind , heart and soul . it just raises the standard of your expectations :D

anyhow , the story takes us to Sydney and is set exactly after 5 years of the events that we came across in Saving Francesca . Thomas is broken and is in a phase of life where he not only is clueless but strives to be clueless for the rest of his life ! His world fell apart because of a series of things which took place in the past and his beloved uncle Joe's death was the last straw .

he hates his father . the only thing he knows is that his father abandoned him and his family and is a drunken gutter-ratty retard .
he completely broke off from his group of best friends and even Tara , the girl who he loves more than he realizes . ( oh , hell im so bloody jealous ! )

at this point of time in the story , Thomas is kicked out of his flat by his roomies and he finds solace in his aunt Georgie's house .

until now , i was heartbroken as i was completely surprised to find Tom in this state . i knew he would possess the bad boy and im a douche kind of a streak but never did i think that it would hurt me that bad .
Thomas was 100 % successful in being a full bastard .

i had never thought , that Georgie ( Tom's aunt ) would have such a pivotal role in the plot . nor did i think that when the time's right , her emotions would seep into mine and i would be able to connect with her as well . i was sympathetic and in certain cases i felt like giving her a hug and not just for the depressing things she went through but for the things she fought for and did to make things right .

the aunt-nephew pair just came up and blasted of their energy into this book and just made me Happy :D

and a note to Tara Finke ,
you are fictional but i hate you more than anyone i know in reality . i'm going to pretend and say that i did not like your strength to be distant from an infectious disease known as Thomas Mackee . and i also did not find the talks between you both cute because it was adorable , felt real and i was jealous . :P

The piper's son , was a whole package of love , hate and was filled with energy and emotion . had it not been my ugly homework and things we call 'basic chores' i would have not left my laptop alone .
when i said that the books by Melina Marchetta are precious examples of Originality , i didn't mean it to JUST say that its because of the fresh idea of the story ! i meant it in many other different ways . to capture human sentiments is not easy . if it's not able to grab your emotion it becomes weird and we never flinch to describe it with words like 'cheesy' , 'lame' and 'stupid' .

infact i found THE PIPER'S SON much more intense than SAVING FRANCESCA and nope it's not me being partial just 'cause he's my love of life , its because it's well , erm ,just different .

this book reminds me of that quote ,

little imperfect things come together and create something so perfect you just can't help but stand with you jaws wide open

and like every time my words fail to explain about everything that makes up this book and everything i feel .
remember i said that the SF touched me real bad and it made me fly away in a piggy-fat-smile-daze ,in my review of SAVING FRANCESCA ?

well , im going to continue with it because i haven't stopped flying and because i loved it more ! but this time i think i'm not aiming sky high but directly for the stars :)

after all this chitty-chat , do i need to actually elaborate about me recommending it for a read ?

methinks not ;)