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I Heart You, You Haunt Me - Lisa Schroeder I Heart You , You Haunt Me

( i read the book's name and i was like damn i need to have it ! :D )

okay first things first ! I Heart You , You Haunt me by Lisa Schroeder is a quick , cute and and a teensy meensy spooky read :)

the story has been laid out beautifully in verse and among them are some poems who've made it to the soft core of my heart .
in this book , we come across Ava whose lost her boyfriend , Jackson in an accident and is grieving his death in dark gloomy despair . She's lost and depressed and has no personal desire to go ahead and do anything as she mourns Jackson's absence deeply.

but hello , the story can't just go on with THAT ! can it ?

na-uh !

keep your hands together for Jackson 'coz he's back with a bang but obviously as a ghost :O

Jackson's spirit now communicates with Ava through little spooky things , like through a radio playing songs related to what hes trying to say or sometimes appearing in the mirror and stuff like that .

i finished the book in an hour which according to me is pretty fast !
other than that i'm not going to say that this book is 'just mind-blastingly-make-me-cry-kind-of-a-melodrama-and-so-on-and-so-on' kind of a thing , but yes i'm going to say that it was worth my time and it didn't disappoint me ! infact it was fairly entertaining :D

it was cute .
yes it was amazingly cute ! the way how Jackson and Ava meet is adorable and a little bit of stuff about moving on was also really nice !
in fact , there is nothing that i hate about this book ..its what it is.

the end was also lovable !
the little realisations Ava had towards the end , did have an effect on me .

all in all this book was sweet with a tinge of sarcasm hidden in it .
i recommend it to those who want a peaceful fast read and are prepared for some lovely poetry :)