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The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder “It's like
the silence
that follows

the beautiful song.

the darkness
that follows

the glitter in the air.

He knew
what to do
to make it better.

As I walk toward
the door,
I take a deep breath.

I know
what to do
to make it better.

As he
embraced me,
I will
try to embrace
this day
that follows

the day before.”

this verse is just so pretty and such a treat to the eyes as well as the ears :)

The Day Before written by Lisa Schroeder is a beauty in each and every , not only is the plot unique but the idea of faith , an uncertain future ahead , hope , love and personal problems are all beautifully compiled in the form of verse in this book . after reading , 'I Heart You , You haunt Me' , i knew that i was 100% in for reading more books by her . not only are they entertaining but are also so scenic , cute and like i said before , beautiful :)

though this one just completely grabbed my heart , locked it in its embrace and still holds the key to it .

in this book , we come across Amber who learns about some pretty disturbing things about herself and in her frustration decides to take off from her house ( more like run away ) and escape to the beach to spend a day by herself . she ends up in the same aquarium where remain some cheerful memories of her childhood . that's when Amber meets Cade :)

both , Amber and Cade decide to spend a day together and share things about their lives which help and motivate each other in many different ways . the idea of spending that one day together before the day which would change their lives and find that companion in each other is so sweet ,it makes me melt and go gooey ! :D

this book just made my day with it's simple yet powerful lyrical prose .
i love books which leave a wide smile on my face and i like it even more when thinking about it again and again makes my smile wider :D

i recommend it to anyone and everyone !
DONOT miss this beauty here ;)