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Paper Towns - John Green “Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.”

there is something so magical about books by John green . he writes about things which penetrate into our souls and straight-away attack our hearts and mind . honestly speaking , Looking for Alaska , was a much better read than this one . i'm not saying that i didn't love this book ! believe me , i did !
but not as much as i loved the other one .

Paper Towns by John Green , is a highly engrossing , amazing and interesting book to read :)
it introduces us to Quentin Jacobsen who BTW is attractively charming !
he's a calm , not crazy , decent-grades scoring , nerdy-friends making , cute-looking kind of a guy whose best friends with , Ben and Radar and is secretly in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman , his neighbour and the bitch of the story !

Margo is a Cocky , mischievous , rebellious , smart , prank-playing , intelligent pretty smexy girl who even though is one of the coolest girls on the planet ,is still highly mysterious and fab-tasticaly adventurous !

it all starts with one night when Margo takes Quentin to a revenge-trip which goes onto become one hell of a fun night :D
the first 100 pages just flew and were gone with the wind and i found myself enjoying the quirky and hilarious yet genius pranks by Margo . after a fantastic night Quentin hopes to see better things in future but all his wishful thinking comes crashing down , as he finds that Margo Roth Spiegelman had just disappeared .

from here on starts the adventure , as Quentin comes across clues left behind by Margo for him to find her .

firstly , is it just me ? or is every female character in Green's book a big bitch with sarcasm flowing through her veins and that she's pathetically adventurous and just wants to live life king size .

not that it is a issue it's just my thought .

secondly , i seriously want best friends like Ben and Radar and i dont even mind if they are highly nerdy and poopishly gross ! (okay , kidding ! i do mind that :D )

thirdly , i think Quentin's little realisations and emotional banter just touched me mentally !the growth of his character and the transition of a boy to a man was plain enlightening :)

fourthly , i loved the suspense ! i just freaking loved the premise of the whole plot set up !
poetry with mystery ! the pair is just so divine :D

and then the end ! i swear to god ! i never saw that coming ! trust me , i personally thought Margo was dead :P

and finally , there were these little things which scared me to death .
they got a bit spooky ! ( like the abandoned minimal where he finds the first piece of evidences showing us that Margo Roth Spiegelman is actuaaly alive !

i dont know what it is , but there is something so terrifyingly realistic about how John Green writes !
they just affect brain cells so bad !

as i end , let me just point out that i loved and really loved the real idea behind 'paper towns' :D

all in all , this book wasn't the best but was definitely a wise decision .

i loved the book , it was striking beautiful and i just savored it all ! :D