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The Summer I Turned Pretty - Jenny Han The thing is, Susannah was right. It was a summer I'd never, ever forget. It was the summer everything began. It was the summer I turned pretty. Because for the first time, I felt it. Pretty, I
mean. Every summer up to this one, I believed it'd be different. Life would be different. And that summer, it finally was. I was.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han is a cute , fluffy , fast-paced and a perfect summer read :)
i had been avoiding this book for a long time because honestly , i'm not really a fan of love triangles and call me mangy , but i DONOT like it especially , if it involves brothers .
but i think i don't have to worry about that in this book . Infact i enjoyed every bit of it :D

anyway , it's summer and the time of a year Belly always looks forward to . every summer , she spends her time with the fisher family , her mom and her brother at the Cousin's beach . though , it's always been the faces of the two fisher boys , Conrad and Jeremiah who make her go all hula-hoopley and jumpy .
Belly has always been in love with Conrad and Jeremiah has always been a best friend to her , but the summer she went back things looked different . Conrad had become more distant and mean . Susannah ( Conrad's and Jeremiah's mom ) , had lately looked very ill and plain sad .

this book is not some emotional , high drama , thought provoking thing or even a book which makes you think and think and think ! it has the effect similar to the effect a guy has on a girl who has been crushing on him for a long long long time .

it makes people giggle and doodle hearts -.-

it's packed with swoon and is just so sweet :) !
it usually doesnt happen , but right now i'm not able to put in words about the things i'm feeling right now . don't worry it's nothing emotional , its just so chitty-chatty-bang-bang xD
or maybe i'm not able to find the correct words to get it straight , its just one thing and that is that i loved and adored this book .
i love summer reads . they lighten up your mood , make you feel happy and glowy .
and since it made my heart flutter as well , im going to say that it hit the top spot in my heart .

it's a first that i've not mentioned things about my 'favourite' guy ! while reading it was obvious that my heart was rooting for Conrad , but its the way Jeremiah has been described as well , he sounds so sweet and perfect ! is it a sin to have two people at the same time and who unfortunately are brothers ?
no answers needed , i know :P

and about Belly , well she was pretty relatable with the crush and confusion and the jealousy thing going until she became whiny about few things towards the end . pretty annoying she was at that time .

i also loved Susannah and laurel ( belly's mom ). their friendship and humorous conversations were a treat !
like this conversation at which i couldn't help but laugh my guts out ,

Jeremiah stopped when he heard Susannah say, "Laur, I hate myself for even thinking this, but I almost think I'd rather die than lose my breast." Jeremiah stopped breathing as he stood
there, listening. Then he sat down, and I did too.
My mother said, "I know you don't mean that."
I hated it when my mother said that, and I guessed Susannah did too because she said, "Don't tell me what I mean," and I'd never heard her voice like that before-- harsh, angry.
"Okay. Okay. I won't."
Susannah started to cry then. And even though we couldn't see them, I knew that my mother was rubbing Susannah's back in wide circles, the same way she did mine when I was upset.
I wished I could do that for Jeremiah. I knew it would make him feel better, but I couldn't. Instead, I reached over and grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight. He didn't look at me, but he
didn't let go either. This was the moment when we became true, real friends.

Then my mother said in her most serious, most deadpan voice
, "Your boobs really are pretty goddamn amazing."
hahahaha !
either way this book was amazing , loved it and i'm so gonna jump over to the next one :D
book no.2 here i come !