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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi it was soo X-men come alive.

i mean just forget Juliette's similarity with Rogue and look at the other characters ! towards the end , You have a guy who can go all invisible , then there's one who possesses telepathic power and then there's this another guy whose powers make him flexible !

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi was an entertaining fast-paced read . my complain with the plot is the lame change from a dystopian to romantic to dystopian again and finally superhero book ! okay maybe this was what the author intended but it was a big no-no for me because i did not find it appealing and like many of my friends i did roll my eyes . (and quite a lot of times)

in a dystopian set-up , Juliette has been locked up and shut into solitary confinement for 264 days now because she's what we call dangerously lethal due to her abilities of affecting life with just a touch of her hand . Everything changes when she's allotted a cellmate and from then on follow a series of scenarios where she's being prepared to be the bad guy's most powerful weapon against her will and then etc etc and how she fights back and she falls in love and then all she does is fights and so on with the usual drama .

i found Juliette's character pretty lame . she was so annoying and weak ! and though towards the climax part , the words written clearly said that her inner thing has transitioned into something more stronger and powerful , she pretty much acted the same but only with the difference of being on the better side when it comes to defense .

then enters Adam , who i found was okay ! because there was nothing attractive about him . he was your typical good guy but in love with the heroine who helps her escape and they fall in love . He's sexy like any other dystopian hero . (maybe its not his fault because these days all the books you find have the 'exact' description of the main guy and now that i've got so used to it , there is nothing so lovable about his character)

simultaneously introducing to you the villain , Warren . i don't know why but i guess i liked him more than Adam . He's strong , ruthless , power-hungry and yet so caring and likable . :P

infact i just adored the sub-characters ! i loved Adam's younger brother James and Kenji (of course).
i always like cute hilarious and sarcastic characters ! although i wish there was more things written about them in the book !

now you must be wondering as to why i gave this book 3 stars since i consider it as nothing great but plain ordinary ?
it's because i'm a sucker for romance and there were some pretty steamy things going on and even though i find Juliette and Adam a tad cheesy , there is nothing that kept my eyes wide open when i read those certain parts . ( i dont mean to sound perverse but that's how it was :P )

maybe it's not just the romance but i think it's because it was interesting and not boring i liked it even more .

honestly , i feel this book is pretty damn awesome considering it as a debut novel and the first in a trilogy .
i'm certain that it would get better with the coming sequels and which i hope would be a lot better.
Shatter Me is what you need for an entertaining read !
i fairly recommend it to you to read it because i read this book in a really odd time and maybe just maybe you might really like it or even love it much more than i did :)