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It's Not Summer Without You - Jenny Han “Nothing, nothing felt better than the way sand felt beneath my feet. It was both solid and shifting. Constant and ever-changing. It was summer.”

3.5 stars

Its Not Summer Without You is the second book in the summer series and is a sequel to The Summer I Turned Pretty , which btw i just loved :)

its been two months since Susannah died and Belly is broken and grieving the death of someone who was just like a mother to her . Apart from that Conrad has sort of parted ways with Belly and that shatters her even more . further adding to that , Belly's mom has unknowingly grown distant from her and she hasn't contacted Jeremiah for a long long time now . all that's left of her is her loneliness and depression .

around this time , we come to know about the things that happened when Susannah died and how her death affected everyone in many different ways . at this point , there were tears welling in my throat because after reading the first book which was a light read with a summerish soul , this one just surprised me with it's strong element of emotions .

its pretty abrupt when Belly receives a call from Jeremiah who informs her that Conrad's gone missing .
mention a word about Conrad being in trouble and Belly darling is all set to go .

and that's when fate plays its intelligent game and all three of them end up in Cousins beach maybe for the last time together for the summer ..

now , my analysis on this books tell me that i loved this book but not as much as the previous one . i liked how Belly's character has been put out , sure she has matured but her little whiny tantrums still remain and that makes the book normal and not too odd in its whole simplicity . Then come the Fisher boys ! i just loved Jeremiah !we come into terms about things from his point of view as well ! the idea of him loving Belly from such a long time and him being ready to give up that for his brother , his little jealousy and gentle nature just made my heart go all wolla-wolla-bee xD

in fact , i had started to despise Conrad until i came across this line towards the end ..
I heard Conrad say, quietly, “Earlier, when I said I never wanted you. I
didn’t mean it.”
My breath caught. I didn’t know what to say or if I was even supposed to say
anything. All I knew was, this was what I’d been waiting for. This exact moment.
Exactly this.
I opened my mouth to speak, and then he said it again. “I didn’t mean it.”
I held my breath, waiting to hear what he’d say next.
All he said was, “Good night, Belly.”

( and then i was like , awww man ! i can never hate this guy )

either way i also loved Belly's mom ,Laura by the end of the book !
her talks with Mr.Fisher were , i agree pretty 'Badass' :D

and i absolutely hated the ending . i did not like the cliffhanger , this one just sucked .it's intensity is so strong that like gravity's strong natural pull , im being pulled to the next one as well .

and now like a good girl , i'm going to go ahead and strike up book no.3 , We'll Always Have Summer and absolutely love it :D
because my dear friends , this series has come to be in a dear lovey dovey corner in my heart !