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We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han 3.5 stars

i don't want to give this book 3.5 stars because i felt it was better than the second one , though while reading there were some things that irked me a lot and so i go ahead and give it that much of a rating.

We'll always have summer is set two years after the events that happened in Its Not Summer Without You . Belly and Jeremiah are in a relationship and go to the same college and are what we call a 'Perfect Couple' . Belly knows for sure that Jeremiah is the one ! because hello , he taught her driving , he was there by her side always :)
but there's always a part of Belly which misses Conrad a lot and there would be some times when she would remember things about him .

Now , here comes the part where things change *trumpets and horns blare*
Jeremiah cheated on Belly . and the thing he did was actually pretty bad .
but here comes our lovely princess Belly , who gives him a chance again . and then they decide to do something really and i mean it really stupid .

they decide to get married -.-
when i read the part where Jeremiah asks her to marry her , i was like okay Whaaat ? hello mister ! you're only nineteen ! i don't want to say it , but i found it a little bit cheesy , okay i admit it , i found it REALLY cheesy .

as we go ahead , Fate returns to do what it does best ....
it introduces Conrad , again but now we get to see things from his perspective .

you know what i hated about this book ?
it made me hate Jeremiah !
i know as a matter of fact that i always loved Conrad , but like i said before , Jeremiah was a sweety and i could never hate that fellow !
but here we get to see an ugly side to his personality !
i mean c'mon it was Jeremiah (mostly) who did swoon-worthy things !

i'm not sure of what i can possibly say and that's because from my heart i want to really really love this book ! i just want to go ahead and give a banging 5 star rating to this one ! but i can't because the author messed up this one for me .

but hello , i still gave this book 3.5 stars , now why would i do that ?
its because ..

i loved the ending ! :D
i know i pretty much felt disappointed at the start and even at the midsection but towards the end , when things were finally right , i had that glowing smile on my face ! and that was because i was happy !

my heart kept on screaming ! YES ! YES ! YES ! FINALLY ! Conrad has confessed !
and i was literally sky-rocketing with sheer happiness !

We run toward the water, tripping in the sand, screaming and laughing like little kids. At the last second he picks me up like he is carrying me
across a threshold. “If you dare try and Belly Flop me right now, you’re going down with me,” I warn, my arms tight around his neck.
“I go wherever you go,” he says, launching us into the water.
This is our start. This is the moment it becomes real.
We are married. We are infinite. Me and Conrad. The first boy I ever slow danced with, ever cried over. Ever loved.

now how could i hate it , when things which i always hoped for came true !

in the end , i'm not going to say that We'll always have summer was the best one i read in the trilogy , but i'm going to say that even though this book was HIGHLY flawed , i loved it !
(let me remind you , i'm a big sucker for romance , so if you disagree with what i say , you should know why i loved this book :D )