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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver “That's when I realized that certain moments go on forever. Even after they're over they still go on, even after you're dead and buried, those moments are lasting still, backward and forward, on into infinity. They are everything and everywhere all at once.
They are the meaning.”

this is one beautiful book .
WoW . Wowiee . Wow

you know , the feeling you get when you come across something so powerful , something so strong that it stuns your soul out and you're either blabbering about how it was or you're just left behind speechless .

well right now , im feeling that emotion go through me . (like really bad)

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver , is Samantha Kingston's story of how she's the 'perfect' bitch with the 'perfect' bitches as best friends . it's like she owns the world ! she has the (not) so crush-worthy boyfriend and is highly popular *barf* , spreads rumours and is practically selfish ! now here comes the turning point -> it's cupid's day on February 12 , Friday and Sam's pretty excited and looks forward to the much-expected-wonderful-day ...until it's the day she dies .

now kicks in the creepy part , Sam gets up the next day and sees that she's perfectly fine and whatever she saw is merely a dream , but it doesn't feel like a dream . it gets further creepier when the Deja Vu idea sets in and then the day (the creepy February 12, Friday) starts replaying again and again and the consequences are all based on how the things are handled . And that's how she gets seven chances in the form of seven days to finally make things right .

let me tell you one thing , the premise of this book is unique and amazing . we usually come across books or movies where it's the good-girl against the world and how she fights back the bitchy-bad girl ! but like i said before , this book is unique and we come to know things from the antagonist-now-turned-protagonist's ( i.e the bitchy bad girl's ) point of view . you can clearly see how insecure Samantha is and yet at the same times she's bitchy and selfish . You can trace the little tinges of vulnerability in her , yet you can see how she fills it up by making fun or embarrassing others !

Samantha and her friends , Lindsay , Ally and Elody aren't the most lovable characters . infact they are downright horrible and i completely hated them.

the story is 100% predictable , infact i knew what the end is going to be like , yet the book just caught me and i couldn't stop turning the pages and get further captivated and lost in the magic .
arghh , now im frustrated because i'm not able to find the right words to express my feelings and how the book really is . damn it ! this book was a beauty ! i just can't get enough ! i feel like attracting attention and saying or rather scream my lungs out and say that , "hey ,people read this book because if you don't you are definitely missing something !"

the prologue itself blew my mind away at the start and when i was nearing the end i felt tears welling in my eyes .
there was this one time when i felt sympathetic towards Sam.
the growth of her character is realistic . She's a typical ordinary girl , she wants to make things right for herself , until she realises (in the end) that things aren't always about her , that being high up in the social hierarchy doesn't mean that others don't have a life .
everything is interconnected , your slightest movement today affects a bigger step of yours in future .
i'm not sure if the author was trying to give out a message , but it felt that way to me .

there were these beautiful moments in the book . Some simple words that affect you and rock your world :D

this one line is something i just can't get out of my head ,

They say that just before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for me.
I see only my greatest hits. The things I want to remember, and be remembered for.

right now , i'm really thinking about how would death feel like ? do the moments you really cherish the most actually flash before your eyes ? does it really happen ? and if it does , what would the greatest moment of my life be ?

this book is horribly , thought-provoking -.-

you know , to hell with my blabber !
my advice :


read the prologue . the whole book . the epilogue (which personally is my favourite part) .

you know what , just go..
read it dammit ! just read it :D