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Something About You - Julie James i didnt have any other book to read and so i sneaked around my sister's library and saw THAT :D
my first book , written by Julie James and i'm in absolute love with her !
the book is absolutely hilarious XD !
and wowiee ! im dripping with sweat because im just jumping around like a clown on a Pogo stick :P
( sorry , but some books just have that effect on me )

the story consists of Cameron lynde who is a district attorney in a firm and a good one actually ! one unfateful night , she ends up being alotted to a room , in which *certain things* can be heard fantastically and are disgustingly loud :P
what she didnt expect was to hear a gunshot right after the 'horrible-activities-of sexuality' and unknowingly became the key witness to a murder ! buwahaha !

now , the case is huge and the person incharge of it is none other than , Agent Jack Pallas :D
now , Cameron and Jack have an unfortunate past together , which included the love angle too !

though even after years , their attraction is instant and even if they go through the classic case of denying their feelings , their journey together was hilarious and so sexy :P

“More like a chocolate molten lava cake. A dessert so sinful, so luscious, so filled with inner heat it made a girl want to lick each and every crumb right off the plate. That was Jack Pallas.”

( i mean c'mon I HAVE TO AGREE ON THAT ! )

overall , the book was fantastic ! its really nice for a light-hearted read !
though in the mid-sections it gets quite hot ! ( and not just the temperature , you know ? )
loved it ! going for the next one in the trilogy :D