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Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta okay , Wow o.O

what did i just read ?

when i read , On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta , i knew i was in love with her and her writing and in my lovey-dovey daze , i did what crazy-book-readers like me do ! i went to a bookstore :D

and as a matter of fact , i went in MANY bookstores to find other books by Melina Marchetta .
unfortunately , her books aren't available in India and so i thought , Hell with the searching ! i'll use my only hope and friend now , the internet . -.-

and so i downloaded e-books like a crazy girl ! saved them ! and then Forgot about them .
(slap myself for THAT)

and a few days back i came across the ebook again and i was like....hmmm...maybe next time !
(slap myself AGAIN for that)

and then when i FINALLY finished reading this book .....ill slap myself YET AGAIN !
no , i did not hate it silly ! as a matter of fact i LOVED IT ! :D
'why did i choose that other crappy book for this precious little thing ?' ( yes , someone please just kick me in the rear .)

In Saving Francesca , we come across Francesca Spinelli , a sixteen year old girl , who attends St. sebastian ( an ex-all boys school ) and is sort of stuck there with girls she doesn't know and girls who she knows already but has alienated them because she was stupid before !
and on a positive note , these girls ( the ones she already knows ) become her bestest friends for life later :D

like every girl , Francesca wants to be a 'somebody' and wants to be strong and a person who can express her views freely ! though according to her , her mother whose a very successful woman with a strong personality is the one WHO doesn't let her become what she wants to be .

its when suddenly her mother goes into acute depression that her world almost falls apart and that's when she realises how much she needs her mother . THAT'S when she realises how without her mother she's completely clueless and from here onwards starts a beautiful journey written by the author . a journey where you can clearly see the growth of not just one character but of almost everyone .

this book is just so freaking gripping that i just could not stop ! i kept on reading it and did not leave my bed for hours !

i loved it ! i just freaking loved it ! oh my my my i JUST LOVED IT !
i could relate with Francesca in many different ways . like how she felt about being friends with the girls who were made fun of earlier by her stupid ex-friends and how she felt about Will . and how she felt about her mother's condition in certain phases of the story .

i adored the friendship she had with Tara , Shiobhan , Justine , Thomas and Jimmy and finally Will :) ( on a personal basis i was in love with Thomas and i forgive you for all the farting and burping because you made me laugh like a pig ! )

"I brushed my teeth and on the mirror in front of me there was one of those motivational messages.
Do something that scares you every day. I looked at it for a long time.
And for the first time all year I went to school with hope in my heart."

you know that feeling when you read such lines and you see yourself feeling light and sighing with happiness and with a big fat smile on your face ? that's the way i felt when i read this line .

the thing about the books by Melina Marchetta is the way you can see everyone in the story grow . and its not just the main protagonist but EVERYONE . ( i think i mentioned that before , didn't i ? )
then there's always these things about hope that leave you all alive and happy ! that's what always happens to me when i come across such literary gems !

there is so much about this book that even my words can't explain .
it was just so simple yet so beautiful in itself :)
it didn't just touch me , it struck and blew me away !

and guess what ?
im still flying with that big fat piggy smile :)