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October Breezes - Maria Rachel Hooley Sometimes nothing is as it seems. That's what I remember
thinking last October--six months that might as well have been a
lifetime ago. That was before I lost my best friend.

after starting out my reading with these words , my thoughts were like .. if this book has the superhero-cute-best friend-death in this book then I'M SO GONNA HATE IT

it turns out i was wrong..
October Breeze by Maria Rachel Hooley turns out to be a really strong book , much stronger and powerful than i had expected .
We come across Skye Williams and how her life has been absolute crap after her dad divorced with her mother and left her . Her attitude throughout the first half ranges from being obnoxious , rebellious , selfish and sometimes annoying . The only person who understands her is her best friend , Devin Abbot :D

they've always been close , infact practically soo close that everyone around them thinks that they
are together - though that's not true , you can clearly see how much Devin loves her and how Skye feels a little same way as well but completely denies it . it's abrupt when the hot-quarterback Kellin Morgan starts noticing Skye and asks her out , to which of course the intelligent Skye agrees :P

at this point of time i'm thinking , that okay so this story is going to be a love triangle or what ?!

but then again i was wrong...

anyway , there is this huge party hosted by Tyler Rutherford ( Kellin's bestfriend ) who had asked Skye out as well until she turned him down ! ( boo-hoo )

that party CHANGED a lot of things ... never did i expect things to turn out the way they did ..
the topic of Rape and Abortion has always been a hoo-haah discussion and when 16-year old Skye has to go through all that , she's plain scared and shattered .
her insecurities , her nightmares , how afraid she was and everything that had happened to affect her and her decisions was understandable . the whole pace of the first half was a bit slow , and when suddenly the climax came up with the 'disastrous-party' you can't help but sympathise with Skye . sure she was stupid and lame even when Devin had clearly warned and begged her not to go , but not only was it a shock to the naive girl but also the reader itself .

i'm not sure about others but it sure as hell affected me ! it was like you're walking in a park and suddenly from out of nowhere a clown-faced stupid prankster comes up and scares the shit out of you . ( not that i reacted in that extreme way )

I loved Devin's character ! i always tend to have a special place for best guy-friends who secretly are in love with the girl-best friend and even though he's usually a shy and calm , he turns all violent and protective when time comes .
though , in this book i was totally in for Jimmy Sorenson ! he came out of nowhere and just won my heart . he came to help Skye out of nowhere and was probably the only reason she could get through what she was going through . okay , maybe not just him ! but this guy deserves some serious credits :D

all in all , I really liked October Breeze :)
i definitely recommend it to all !
infact the book ends at a very positive note which makes you want to read it's sequel , Summer sunsets badly ! :D