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The One That I Want - Jennifer Echols i don't mean to be harsh , but i did not like this one , NOT AT ALL !
i am so disappointed with this one .

you see those two stars shining up there ?
well the first is because i love Jennifer Echols , and the second one because it wasn't as bad as Fallen ( no offence ) . -.-

okay , in this one we come across Gemma Van Cleve who aspires to be a majorette along with her 'so-called' best friend Addison .
according to Gemma , Addison is what we call --> 'satan's spawn' . and she hates her and would never do anything to affect her friendship because poor Gemma darling will lose her one and only not-so-lovable friend ! bleh .
she starts hating her more when Addison is asked out by Max , whose the equivalent version of Jackie Chan with the difference of him being taller than Jackie Chan and a kicker in football and not in kung-fu and who Gemma loves madly !
(i know the imagination is lame , but that's what kept coming in my mind while i was reading the e-book ) :P

now the question of the whole plot ....
How can Gemma get the guy she wants without going after her best friend’s boyfriend?

my answer ....
dude , why does it have to be so freaking common and repetitive !
i don't even need spoilers for this one!

i really had high expectations with this one because hello ! its Jennifer Echols people !
it was a complete let down .
because not only was it plain , it lacked the funny bone (which i hoped was going to there) !
enough said .
peace out -.-