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Summer Sunsets (October Breezes #2) - Maria Rachel Hooley it was such a pretty book considering it being from Devin's point of view this time :)

Summer Sunsets by Maria Rachel Hooley is the sequel to October Breeze and is set 5 years after the events that happened in the first book .
Skye and Devin had parted ways to go to college and now they're back to the same old town where they faced things which literally rocked their world upside down .

Skye has still not been able to cope up with the past . the rape and Abortion had smashed her soul and things have become so bad that she's build up such an emotional barrier around herself that it's almost impossible to penetrate into it !

there's only one guy who was and is the sole person who can do that , and that's non-other than our lover boy Devin . :D

what i loved about this book ->

1. Devin's love for Skye is just the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E thing !
the way the guy cares about Skye , wants to protect her and wants to take all her problems away and just wants make her happy...is so heart-warming . ( reading about this guy almost makes me say that , dang ! this guy shouldn't have been fictional ! )

2.Devin .

3. more of Devin .

4.and in the end , just Devin .

what i didn't like about this book and why it just gets a three star rating from me ?

one word..


sure she's been through a lot and the effects of Abortion and Rape can't just heal that easily but that doesn't mean she needs to be so damn annoying and selfish !
okay i get it , the girl was a kid when all that happened ! but i think 5 years is enough for the dumb chick to understand Devin's love for her ! okay i know that it's a part of her to be insecure and she has full on rights for that but c'mon you were so damn frustrating i can't even start ...

and other than that what i loved was , that however annoying and stupid Skye was , Devin never gave up on her ! now that's complete macho for me :D
one thing which kept on pinching was his constant babble of ...'hey you ! ' ugh.

other than i felt , that this book would've been a bit better if we had Skye's POV in it as well . Somehow , Skye's character is a bit stronger and to know what was going on in her head would've been better :)

anyhow , Summer Sunsets was a nice emotional read and i completely loved it :)