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Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) - Abbi Glines “I love you,” I said, causing his face to contort in pain.
“I’m not a man so I do not have a heart that loves as a
human does. I’m an immortal god that dwells with supreme
power because I hold the keys to Death. But you are my
existence. I am yours.”

( mind you , some people may find the above words cheesy even lame or some would just simply love it , but I , my friend just love it :D )

this book is full of flaws , as in really full of FLAWS .
but since i completely adored this book ,i'm going to pretend that i didn't come across any of the things i disliked .

Existence by Abbi Glines is a wonderful fast-paced read about Pagan Moore whose the teenager version of Ghost-whisperer and can see souls . since she's sane and absolutely smart , she ignores them because if contacted , the souls start following her and then she gets scared like a normal human girl . her sanity comes to terms with horror as a sexy , hot guy-soul comes across her and 'talks' to her...and none of the souls shes encountered before has ever done that ! now like always , Pagan is drawn to this sexy guy-soul whose name Btw is DANK ! o.O ( i'll get back on that )
and then she falls in love with him .
but there's something awfully different about Dank (ugh his name :P) , because ...BRACE YOURSELF PEOPLE .....he isn't just a soul , he's the whole package .
HE IS DEATH . buwahaaaa ! xD
and when you fall in love with death there are consequences to them as well :)

okay before i point out why i loved this book , i'm going to start of with the flaws :D

1.like i said i'll get back with it , why the hell is his name Dank ?!
i mean c'mon , i know he's death ! but seriously Dank ?
why ? why ? why ? Dank ?!!?
at this point of time i was putting Ian somerhalder ( yes , the guy who plays Damien from Vampire Diaries ) as the mysterious sexy death . as soon as his name is revealed to be as 'Dank'...my heart just broke .

2.Pagan and Lief were a more appealing couple than Pagan and Dank . now that is an epic fail for a book , but it wasn't all that bad . just that i kept on vouching for Lief than Dank , ofcourse in the end it changed . i'll get back with that as well B)

3.why was his name Dank !! ( sorry , just can't let go of that )
it sounds so ridiculous !
'oh ! i love you Dank'
'i need you Dank'
'i can't live without you , DANK'

seriously ?


1. Dank .

even though i hate your name , i can't help but fall for you , because excuse moi , Death and all lovey-dovey caring sounds so smexy to me :D
and yes you're strong and amazing and .........just wow *.*

2.the story-line is so new to me and i just loved it . it was highly entertaining and i couldn't stop after i'd started it .
as said , falling in love with a soul is one thing , but with Death is like Wow !

3.Lief :D this guy was so cute and charming ! i loved how he's placed as a stereotypical headstrong Jock but when come in terms with is actually a really nice guy :)
i simply adored the way he treated Pagan .

4.the cover is so nice ! spooky ..i like i like :D

5.the point the characters tried to make concerning the philosophy of life . the idea of self-sacrifice and distinguishing between a soul and a body has come out so fresh in this book .
at first it didn't strike me , but later as i went ahead i just completely understood ! and maybe this is one of the top reasons why i loved this book !

6.the end .
as in the end of the book is again WOW !
i had expected an ending with a dull happily-ever-after thing since the last chapter seemed like it . but the ending is a completely out-of-nowhere one ! and this was probably the last thing on my mind !

7.i don't usually like cliffhangers . but this one was just 'mwuah' :D
and since it promises a sequel , i just can't wait !

8.the fact that i adored this book even more is that when i came across the summary , i was like okay it seems pretty interesting but isn't a part of the suspense already revealed considering we already know that the guy-protagonist is afterall Death ?
but then i also thought , okay maybe there'll be more . and you bet , there was actually a lot of it . all along i thought that okay there's nothing that i don't know about this one and that the climax isn't really that impacting but i take back my words because it was the end which is my friends the impacting thing ! am i repetitive ? because damn , i can't stop thinking about it !

9.Pagan (the heroine) isn't dumb and lame . She's not hoohah cheesy and is utterly understandable . though i hated her for creating a stupid love triangle but then whatever she said did make sense in the end :D

in all , Existence was a wonderful read by Abbi Glines !
and i'll be looking forward to it's sequel with all my heart and soul !
i recommend it to all YA readers ! or if not , atleast the ones who love Paranormal stuff ! you may not completely love it , but i assure you it's worth the time :D