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Finnikin of the Rock - Melina Marchetta my analysis after FINALLY reading this book is that ..

Melina Marchetta happens to be a super-intelligent human being or the reincarnation of the very legendary William Shakespeare ( i adore him >.> ) or just plain alien .

or maybe she's just some literary superhero with her tagline as .. never , as in , NEVER question the power of Marchetta ! buwahha !

c'mon seriously ..

her shot at every book she writes is a full-on bulls eye .
and that is predictably true .

okay my thinking is off ..she is afterall , alien .

anyhow , coming back to Finnikin of the Rock , which by the way is again a beautiful piece of work by the alien Ms. Marchetta .

okay , so here's the premise ,

Lumatere is a prosperous kingdom with a happy king and his queen and many children . then takes place a catastrophe which engulfs the whole kingdom consisting of an invasion and an attack from an imposter king and his army , also the death of the royal family and many other horrifying things which you will come to know about when you read the book ( which , ofcourse you must ! )

Finnikin of the rock , the hero of the book , had survived it all and now is under the care of King's first man .
it's been ten years after the events , which they refer to as the days of the unspeakable , which rocked the lives of every lumateren person . all plans and stratergies change when enters our heroine a.k.a the novice-- Evanjaline .

and thereafter follow a series of events which keep you so engrossed that you don't even realise that you finish an almost 500 pages book in no time !

you know what was my first thought after i read the last page ?

my face was it's awestruck self and i was like , ' soooo ! this lady can write fantasy too ! that's so alien awesome !

This is the story, as told to those not born to see such
days, recorded in the Book of Lumatere so they will never

(the words from the prologue)

i don't know why i love these words ! there is something so impacting about them , it just blows my mind away !
not only them ! but this one is filled with many lovely lines which have stamped themselves and have left a deep impression on my heart .

things i loved about this book :-

1. the premise .
it's so refreshing and nice , to find a story which cannot be compared or linked with any other book with accusations of a similar plot or as a matter of fact , SAME plot but with different characters .

2. Finnikin .
there is nothing and i mean it NOTHING ! to and about him which makes me hate this boy .
okay , i admit i loved Jonah and Thomas way more than him ! but i still loved him for his little tactics of love and also for his awesome confession or confrontation or whatever you call it.. with Evanjaline in the end which made me go madly gooeey in love .
he's the boy ! he does what he believes in , he's brave , strong , not perfect but yet perfect in his way and definitely stubborn !

3.Evangeline .
she is the 'highlight' ! i just loved her !
i always like women who are strong and are at power .
she's the ultimate Don . she cares , knows whats right , is infact always right .
she's the role model of Awesomeness .

4.Power of women .
three cheers for them ! hip hip hip hurrayy !
i don't know what MM's intention was and basically i don't care since i just gobble up anything she writes and will do that as well in future , but the way she's presented Women is awesome !
oh i always love Women in Power . ALWAYS. ( evil smile )

5.Sir topher , Travenion and Perri .
read the book and then come back and question me if you didn't laugh or even giggle or even just smiled ..as they bickered around with sarcasm .

6.the book .

the classic thing about books are that they are divided into a number of chapters and every end of a chapter introduces us to a revelation , question , or at the least , something which is a bit confusing .
this one here , manages to have a dynamic so powerful that every chapter leaves you stunned and awestruck and generates a hunger for more !

i have previously mentioned , Originality , which my friends has been the master weapon of the alien or right now , the superhero MM .
and good bless her and me and infact the world to read what she writes!

changing genres is not easy , some buckle to a pathetic failure !
but MM manages to pull it off as well , which makes her..... *coughs* alien .

7.melina Marchetta .
i love her !

she makes me sound gay -.-
not cool..

8.the romance .
SHE CREATED JONAH GRIGGS ! *screams like a mad fangirl*

need i say more ?

my review cannot justify of how much i adore this book , simply for the reasons that it strikes the right things at the right time and just raise standards of my expectations , every single time :)

in the end people ,
i've already said and i'm going to say it again .

it's a strong world created with strong characters and a strong premise .
and when you see the words , ' MELINA MARCHETTA ' printed on a cover page ?
don't give in to any slimy thoughts , just go ahead and read it ! :D

and as for the sequel , Froi of exiles !
Froi ,
you better man up ! or else :D