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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally i'm kind of disappointed .
it's not that i hated it ! it's just that i think i expected way too much from it ...

okay , Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally is a funny , cute , fast-paced and a light read .
it's about Jordan Woods , whose beautiful , tall and strong and is the starting quarterback of the football team in her high school and is in every way ....a BOY .
she's always the one who controls , is confident and works hard as she wants to secure a position as a player in the team of Alabama .
her position and dreams are all threatened when comes in the hawt-smexy-girl-magnet-tall-guy ,Tyler Green , who has also 'hijacked' Jordan's heart !

now what i liked about this book :-

1. J.J , Carter and Henry .
they are just so nice ! :D
what i adored was that they respected Jordan in every way and would protect her fiercely !
J.J especially is the man !
the areas where you could see the bond they shared with Jordan in not just a professional but also the 'brotherly' way literally melted me .
it almost made me wish for them as my friends in reality because they were so damn AWESOME!

2.Marie and Carrie .
there names rhyme ..... how ironic .
i don't know why i like them . there characters mostly are absent .
but i guess i really liked the way they bonded with Jordan :)

3.Jordan's writing .
her poems or whatever they were absofreakinglutely awesome :D
like this one just cracked me up !

Now every time I see a hot guy
my first reaction is to brace myself
Wait for the sewage to seep out of his mouth
I thought Henry was the last of his kind
I thought hot nice guys had gone extinct
Be still, my hormones
Ty is here to repopulate the species

and the Jerry Rice part with Henry made me laugh like a pig ! ( snorting , included )

4. the funny Bone .
one thing which makes Catching Jordan fabulous is how hilarious and light-hearted it really is !

5.football .
one thing is straight !
Football . has . caught . my attention .

6.Jerry Rice .
enough said .

(omg ! i bookmarked the whole freaking chapter !)

and now time for the things i 'despised' :-

1.the fact that i 'did not' like romance .
it felt so hollow to me .
i couldn't feel anything for the guys . i mean seriously , yes there was a time where i was vying for Tyler but after the turning point where somethings are revealed and when they 'did' something , it was as if Tyler faded away !
then the best friend angle turned into brother and then into a lover was so ...fast !
i wasn't even sure about the whole damn thing !

2.the fact that they had less of J.J in the book !
i loved J.J ! i wanted him !

3.personally i couldn't really connect with Jordan .
she frustrated me sometimes . the times she felt lonely were the only times i actually liked her .
( i know ! that's REALLY mean )

4.then again , the book did not satisfy me . it was just OK .
i liked it , because it was a light and a good read . but then there's always those things you call 'expectations' and this one just didn't make it .

in the end , i would recommend it to others since , this book sure has a great amount of positivity around it ! and maybe it wasn't my cup of tea but it could definitely be yours :)