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Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare ten fabulous reasons why i loved Clockwork Angel and why i think i prefer the Infernal Devices series to The Mortal Instruments .

1. Tessa is so much stronger and better than Clary .

2. Will is so much more lovable than Jace , though yes Will makes quite a cocky-bastard-guy of himself as well , he wasn't annoying !

3. boy , it had Magnus Bane ! who wouldn't love him ?!

4. JEM . ( he certainly is a gem in my treasure chest of books :D )

5. The Mortal Instruments might have ended on a bad note for me - atleast . The Infernal Devices was so much more better !

6. i think i found it a bit more interesting as to finally read about the mysterious William Herondale who was briefly mentioned in , The City of Fallen Angels .

7. Constant mention of literature jewels and poetic beauties were enough to make me swoon and melt me into puddle of mush .

8. i liked Henry :D i don't know why , but i was imagining him as Jason Segal ( the guy who plays Marshall in How I Met Your Mother . :D )

9. Thank you my dear God ! i donot need to read about that douchebag 'Valentine' anymore :D

10.i guess it's what it is..i saved the best for the last .....


i was surveying around the shelves in a bookshop , when i came across the neatly stacked books , The Clockwork Angel and The Clockwork Prince . and then i go like , i think i've heard about these somewhere...and then it's like 'SNAP' ! and thats when i realised that i saw many reviews for the latter and then i recognised the author as well . The clary-thedumbass-jace-thedumberass debacle literally put me off -.-

but what a shame to put these , aside....because Clockwork Angel surprised me A LOT !

loved every bit of it ! going to strike up Clockwork Prince as soon as possible :D