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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare i have never felt so sad .
even the five shining stars above cannot , shake away the feeling of such a cruel 'heartbreak' .

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare just outdid it's predecessor for me . the highly engrossing story-line , a whole new chapter to the series and it's pace was absolutely perfect ! and i would also like to mention my love and a huge gratitude for the one thing these YA authors do very well ...

they create boys like William Herondale ^.^

Lucky for me i came across this book just as it was released and had unknowingly avoided the wrath of time with all that waiting , because seriously .... a year ?
THAT is just too much -.-

Anyhow , coming back to the book !
Clockwork Prince had me love dazed with it right from the start . the highly amazing prologue cannot be forgotten , EVER .
as you go ahead , we come to know about Will's past and as to what led to his dark , gloomy , sarcastically-bastard behaviour and also come across things which stand pivotal along with more of Mortmain ( the evil guy who surprisingly didn't even make an appearance ) , the Enclave and the institute Showdown .
with the growing threats , Charlotte and her husband Henry are challenged by Benedict Lightwood for the post of the head of the London institute as Charlotte is accused to be unfit for the post which carries huge responsibilities for a lady .
to save the institute from the hands from the horrible lightwood-man , Will , Tessa and Jem set out to come across many revelations and buried mysteries . and then starts the beautiful heartbreaking and disastrous journey of love and faith and like always---> Magic :D

now what i loved about this one ->

1.William Herondale .

2.William Herondale ....

3.William Herondale !! and so on ....

(sorry ! hehe , i seem to be lost in him *.*)

4.i loved the time to time mention of Poems and Literal Jewels . it had always been one of the top reasons other than Will of my loving the Infernal Devices series .
i admired the use of certain verses by Will which in a way were clues to what he really felt . and i just can't help but mention the time Tessa mentioned the Bronte Sisters and went on describing places and things about Wurthering Heights and Jane Eyre and i screamed , 'Tessa you go girl! xD'

5.Magnus Bane has always been a favourite . and He's been consistent in maintaining that position as well . i have , do and will always love him :)

6.Describing London and the lifestyle was so damn awesome that i have only three words for the author and that is ...


oh yes , go on --- call me gross ! but damn this part certainly made me laugh out loud !
(remember , Will's drawl of how he claimed that demon Pox existed ? )

"demon Pox , oh , demon pox ,
just how is it acquired ?
one must go down to the very bad part of town
until one is very tired .
demon pox , oh , demon pox
i had it all along -
no , not the pox , you foolish blocks ,
i mean this very song -
for i was right and you were wrong !"

(now imagine Will dancing in circles and jumping around and singing this song with a whiny-sarcastic 'ooooo' tune )

8.the little hot moment between Will , Tessa and the magical lemonade in the balcony in the party hosted by Lightwood-man .
it was ...... WILL-full !! *dreamy eyes*

you go girl !
her confusion and her tangled feelings are horribly but truly understandable . She wasn't stupid like Clary some foolish old character of the future . Her fears , strength and thoughts were so relatable that a part of you would connect with her in any , both biggest or the tiniest possible way . She already had me admiring her with her love for arts and Literature . and the way she conveyed her feelings and knows that if she does one thing she would lose the other one , was highly appealing to me :)

10.and it all comes back to him...
Will :)
i had always like Will , his sarcasm , idiocy , good-heart sheltered under a thick unbreakable wall and certain other things just made me fall in love with him .
i loved him so much that i actually went back and cracked open The City Of Fallen Angels to read the brief mention about him . he terribly had me drooling over him in this one . it just broke my heart to see the end and how things work out for him . remember how i mentioned that i'd never been so sad as i am right now , to give a book like Clockwork Prince a 5 star rating ?
well , it was simply for this reason . the time we come to know about the reason to his distant behaviour actually felt pretty right because his reason to stay far-away from people and be a comic-retard-whose-filled-with-rudeness-and-contempt does actually make sense unlike Jace some stupid old characters from the future .
(it' so bizarre that in such times i compare certain things from this series to The Mortal Instruments ! ofcourse Infernal Devices beats TMI anyday ! that's just the way it can be put :D )

now the things which i did not like ->

1. the horrible things which happened to Will .
2.the awful time slot given for the third book , Clockwork Princess . seriously .... a year ?

in all , Clockwork Prince was a massive Hit for me ! :D
i loved it ! however painful it might be , it keeps you hungry for more !
hope the Will-Tessa-Jem-London-Magic-Nephilim-Downworlder masterpiece goes on shining bright .