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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee it was so amazing o.O
Just . So . Amazing ...


i knew it ! i knew it !i knew it !
and i had prepared myself for it ! but i didn't know that it would surprise me So Damn Much .
i loved it ! right from the start to the very end ! everything ! EVERYTHING !
(my excessive use of exclaimation marks can truly show how lost in the moment i am . )
this one just deserves all the hype it generated . a '5 star rating ' by almost all my friends is seriously not a joke .with the awesome-tastic reviews about it and it's book-lusting aura and make-you-hungry-for-it vibes all thrown in my direction , i just couldn't help but read this one even though i already had another book lined up for me to read . besides that , i was as it is eager to crack it open and finally read the very contents which charmed everyone .
and let me tell you and infact for those who haven't read it 'reassure' you that this would not disappoint you , at all :)

Angelfall By Susan Ee is marvelous indeed :D

the whole premise is set up in a post-apocalyptic world where it's been six weeks since the Angels of the Heaven unleashed their wrath on earth , which has ignited a war between the humans and Angels .
Penryn Young along with her mother and her seven-year old sister Paige are survivors of the attack by the merciless Angels and devise a plan to run away to safety . their plan goes horribly awry , when they come across a brutal fight between warrior angels where the bids stand at one against five , where a fight ensues with Penryn's adrenaline taking over as she goes forward as wondergirl to help an Angel whose been pathetically stripped of his wings and as a result Paige ( Penryn's sister ) is kidnapped by the angels and taken away .

Penryn's the 'Katniss' of this book and she will do anything and everything to bring back her Sister .it all comes down to her and the Angel she helped whose name is Raffe , as they go together to the main headquarter kind of place for Angels to make things right by rescuing Paige and for Raffe to be whole again .

things i loved about this book ->
1. Penryn .
She's the ultimate seventeen-year old Badass wondergirl .
she's strong and responsible and we can literally see , how she's fighting to stay and keep her family alive . her perspective about survival is pretty understandable . her sister is crippled and her mom is mentally ill and it needs guts and a strong will-power to stay away from insanity . and did you know our little five-feet-two-inches Wondergirl is a kick-ass fighter ?
there were areas around the book where you get to see her fighter instincts . her kicking the guy in the groin act was just too good .
i also liked the way , Penryn understands and works through what has happened and what could happen all around . She isn't some smart ass whose every move is calculated , yet the way she executes each and every move she takes , she manages to make an impact , even if it's just a minor one but she really does make an impact .

2.Raffe .
He's my man .
or must i wish My Angel ?
He's the fighter . the Warrior .
he fights even if he's in his weakest form , Sexiness oozes from him .
he's sarcastic , brave and everything which makes him so Angelic and just so ..perfect..
we also get to see his softer side , which btw , totally made me swoon ( like crazy . )

He could have been shot. He could have been attacked
by other angels. If I was actually dead, he should have left
me in the basement to be buried in rubble. He should have
chased after Beliel and taken his wings back. He should
have thwarted Uriel and avoided being seen by the other
Instead, he delivered me to my family.

( my knees just gave out and i'm all jelly )

Uriel circles around Raffe like a shark. “Look at you,
Raffe. The great Archangel, on his knees with a pair of
demon wings puddled around him. And holding a broken
Daughter of Man in his arms?” He chuckles. “Oh, God does
love me after all. What happened, Raffe? Did life on earth
get too lonely for you? Century after century, with no
companions but for the Nephilim you so nobly hunted?”
Raffe ignores him and continues to stroke my hair and
rock back and forth gently as if putting a child to sleep.
“How long did you resist?” asks Uriel. “Did you push her
away? Did you tell her she meant no more to you than any
other animal? Oh, Raffe, did she die thinking you didn’t
care about her? How tragic. That must just tear you to
Raffe looks up with murder in his eyes. “Don’t. Talk.
About. Her.”
Uriel takes an involuntary step back.


it seems my list of crushes just seems to be growing with Sexy William Herondale , Jonah Griggs , Thomas Mackee and Now , Raffe going around playing with my heart .

ah yes , these boys -_-

3.the detaling .
Susan Ee has done a wonderful job here by not only making the dystopian setting believable but also the gory content highly 'ewww' .
and that is a sure shot , Win - win position People !
and did i mention the hot kiss ?

4.ahh yes , the hot kiss .
His face is so close to mine our breaths mingle. Yet he’s
far away from me in a place where he’s buffeted by
emotions deep and unkind. Whatever he’s feeling, it’s very
human. I have this strong compulsion to try to pull him out of
this mood, to try to distract him.
I place my hand on his cheek. It’s warm and pleasant.
Maybe too pleasant. When his eyes don’t open, I tentatively
touch my lips to his.
At first, I get no response and I consider backing off.
Then, his kiss turns hungry.
It is not the gentle kiss of a couple on a first date, nor is it
the kiss of a man driven by simple lust. He kisses me with
the desperation of a dying man who believes the magic of
eternal life is in this kiss. The ferocity of his grip around my
waist and shoulders, the grinding pressure of his lips has
me off balance so that my thoughts whirl out of control.
The pressure eases, and the kiss turns sensual.
A tingling warmth shoots from the silken touch of his lips
and tongue straight to my core. My body melts into his and
I’m hyper aware of the hard muscles of his chest against my
breasts, the warm grip of his hands around my waist and
shoulders, the wet sliding of his mouth on mine.
Then it’s over.

while reading this specific part , i realised i was holding my breath .
that's how hot it was !

5.the last five chapters .
nothing beats the intensity of the last five chapters .
especially Susan Ee's intelligent connection with human philosophy is mindblowing !

I never thought about it before, but I’m proud to be
human. We’re ever so flawed. We’re frail, confused, violent,
and we struggle with so many issues. But all in all, I’m proud
to be a Daughter of Man.

and all i can say is...


as i finally conclude ,
as if the buzz and the constant 'currently-reading' statuses aren't enough ?
i urge you all to read this book .
it's no doubt the best Angelic-with-a-fusion-of-dystopia book E.V.E.R !
a fine congrat's Susan Ee..because woman , you nailed it ! :D

loved it ! eagerly waiting for the next one !