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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake ratings-3.5 stars :)

“But somewhere out there is the one that matters. Somewhere out there is the one that I came for, one who is strong enough to squeeze the breath out of living throats.
I think of her again. Anna. Anna Dressed in Blood.”

Anna Dressed In Blood , was a nice and an interesting read by Kendare Blake .
i was kind of hoping for more as many of my friends have just loved this book while me ermm , not so much . obviously i don't hate it ! it's just that maybe i don't love it much yet love it !

arghh ! it's a battle taking place in my brain -.-

here we have , Cas lowood whose the male version of Buffy the vampire Slayer . following his dad's legacy (who btw was a victim of a gruesome murder ) , Cas along with his mom and his cat travel around and hunt down ghosts and keep things peaceful .
Cas's latest assignment takes him to a place called , Thunder Bay in search of a ghost the locals call , Anna dressed in Blood .

According to the lore , our tender Anna was murdered at a very young age and whose spirit now haunts her old house and kills anyone and seriously ANYONE , who dares to unfortunately enter the house . It's quite surprising when Anna spares Cas's life .
now why would she do that ? *time to raise an eyebrow*

after reading the synopsis i was expecting a very gooey romantic and a bit of a stupid book with a ghost girl and a ghost-hunting guy coming together for a happily ever after . but it turns out it wasn't really that .

the bits where you have our little-murderer-Anna murdering in a not so little way was infact a bit gruesome or maybe it was the way I was imagining , yet with all hoo-hah about it's gory bits i kind of didn't feel that it was THAT gross ! ofcourse there's this one part where Cas walks into a room and ...... hmmmm .

now , the main guy , Cas Lowood has made quite an impression . considering him being a ghostbuster , he knows that he's a teenager whose following his dad's legacy and is in search of his dad's murderer and also realises how not-so powerful and not-so strong he actually is yet when it comes to battling a ghost , he would Never . Back . Down .
and that along with his conflicted feelings for a beautiful deadly ghost and his vulnerable side going on… he felt real and in no language cheesy .

but the book's main savior is our dearest Anna !
her past was pretty terrible ! I kind of feel off myself when I think about Anna’s inevitable unnecessary end .
the thing about Anna which strikes most how entirely deadly she truly is yet you can see how she detests the idea of murdering people and how she wants to make things right after everything’s done and did I mention how powerful this goddess of death truly is ?!

“She’s like Bruce Lee, the Hulk and Neo from The Matrix all rolled in to one.”

( and I’m like boy aren’t you right Cas ? )

And did I tell you awesome she was when she saved Cas !

“Anna, my strong, terrifying Anna.”

( and I’m like , Cas I can’t help but agree with you . )

Other than that I also admired how the connection between Anna and Cas is instant and not most likely in a romantic way , but which slowly grows into something strong , indicating petals of love starting to unfurl .

(yes I’m a Sappy romantic . )

And about the scary factor ?
It wasn’t that chilly for me , though yes , the time Cas and his Mom suddenly realize about what’s been going on in their attic ….that scene had certainly sent waves of creepy shudders through me .

And an another thing I liked about this one , is Kendare Blake’s stellar job of describing and designing and putting together words to give us a fine fusion of ghost-buffy-Anna-blood-voodo-other ghastly things-and-finally-just-ghosts kind of a thing .

Liked it a lot !
Waiting for the next one because the cover is just so pretty ! :D