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Looking for Alibrandi - Melina Marchetta and Marchetta never fails to shine :D
this book started her journey of being an Author . and OMG , just freaking look at her ! she today , is a writer so wonderful that you as a reader can 'never' doubt what she'll present . because what she gives is something absolutely amazing and classy .

And Looking For Alibrandi was one of those treasured gems polished by the mastermind we love so damn much :)

ah yes , the 3 stars ? -.-

i think after reading fantastic books like Jellicoe Road and The Piper's Son which as said by many just kept on besting the others , have raised the whole standard so high that this pretty little book just didn't make it .

i love Marchetta .
there is nothing in this world than how i wish for her next book to come soon! but me heart is a heart .

in this book , we take a ride back to the beloved Australia where our seventeen year-old Josephine Alibrandi's world has been surrounded by her mother , rooted-to-culture grandmother , her four best friends , her School where she's the Vice Captain and is bursting with emotions of trying to feel free ,letting go , revelation of secrets and ofcourse ..love .
let me tell you , our 'Josie' is one annoying chick sometimes and though she admits it too , she still was annoying nevertheless . MM knows how to write her books and she sure as hell writes stuff which you relate with some or the other way and it happened with this as well .

insecurity ? loneliness ? trust ? Sex ? emotional stress ?
all these things are pretty famous in the world of teenagers . and it's nice to mention such things as well as emphasizing on how it is in our society or how different people truly are .

Culture . religion . the older generation . v/s Globalization . New thinking . today's generation .
pretty common topics , eh ?
MM does a stellar job to cover that as well !

now the problem and as to why the book loses a star ?

when one talks about perspective and thinking and places , their intention is to make it so powerful that readers automatically connect with what they read . this happened with me when i read beautiful books like A Monster Calls and Jellicoe Road and The Piper's Son and blah blah and so on...
it breaks my heart because this book failed to do so . i understood but couldn't connect . Hell , i was trying to like Josie even though i found her annoying and agreed with her in some pretty ginormous things....yet it just didn't happen .

now i'll tell you where the second star went ?

When you're introduced to wonders like Jonah Griggs and Thomas Mackee , you donot expect a douchebag like Jacob Coote .
there was no swooning happening and i was like what the hell is wrong with me ! am i alien or something ? then i realised that Jacob isn't really a swoonworthy guy and he's a big A-hole . the ending Josephine and Jacob had pretty much sucked .

now why there are 3 stars intact and shining ?

Women Power ! hail Women Power !
Katia . ( Josie's grandmom )
Christina . ( Josie's mom )
Josephine . ( that's Josie :D )

three women , three different generation , three different times and yet fighting the same fight .
the way their lives , history and present have been moulded to show how truly strong they truly are just makes me so happy ! this one was a really strong point about this book , infact i consider it as it's basic backbone !

and i just looved the last chapter ! i feel like jumping and clapping :D

I've figured out that it doesn't matter whether I'm Josephine Andretti who was never an Alibrandi,
who should have been a Sandford and who may never be a Coote. It matters who I feel like I
am - and I feel like Michael and Christina's daughter and Katia's granddaughter; Sera, Anna and
Lee's friend and Robert's cousin. You know, a wonderful thing happened to me when I reflected
back on my year. "One day" came. Because finally I understood.

this just made so smile so baaad :)

in the end ,
as i conclude all i'm saying is even though i liked Looking For Alibrandi i think i expected a tiny bit more ! can't blame Marchetta this was afterall her debut :D

but my god what a start to her wonderful writing career ! three cheers for that :D