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Fracture - Megan Miranda "Eleven minutes might as well be eternity underwater.
According to the lessons from health class, it only takes three
minutes without air for loss of consciousness. Permanent brain
damage begins at four minutes. And then, when the oxygen
runs out, full cardiac arrest occurs. Death is possible at five
minutes. Probable at seven. Definite at ten.
Decker pulled me out at eleven."

before i start let me tell you that this book here is disturbing . very disturbing .
it definitely spooked me ! infact it has spooked me so much that as i write this review at this very moment , i have those crazy scenarios of 'the grudge' or anything close to scary playing on my mind .

In Fracture by Megan Miranda , we tag along with the protagonist Delaney Maxwell who died by drowning down into a icy lake in Maine for Eleven Minutes but defies the powers of the Universe by jumping back from the dead after being rescued by her best friend Decker Phillips . now the problem here is that even though all her results of various tests prove that her brain is pathetically damaged , She seems to be doing all the walking and talking just fine . but something has definitely happened because , now , Delaney is like the radar which detects death . in short , the poor girl is a mess .
Enters Troy Varga , who seems to understand Delaney as he too had been in Coma and emerged from it recently . things start to look up as Delaney feels that she has someone just like her who can understand what she's going through until she realises Troy's real motives .
So what is she really ? Abomination ? kind of a God ? miracle ? mistake ?

okay , So like i mentioned before this book is disturbing , spooky and is in fact highly interesting ! i was glued to the book right from the start and wasn't disappointed , at all .

what i liked->

1.Delaney .
Her character was pretty strong . With all the supernatural pull and thing going on , She seemed to be pretty awesome for all the situations she was in . okay , yes she was pretty dumb and idiotic for acting the way she did with our my hero , Decker and also pretty stupid to go around alone to places where danger lurks , yet her explanations seemed valid and call me stupid but at some point i was like ...'okay, so yeah i think she did the right thing !
Anyhow with everything playing out , i liked the growth of her character towards the end .especially , the place where she says she's usually scared and timid but she's had enough and now what she truly feels is...frustration and anger . i think this was one of the defining moments of the book .

2.Decker .
his love for Delaney felt so warm and nice . his will , strength and how he's plagued with the guilt of being the reason for the problems Delaney's been fighting , made me like him a lot . He was the best friend you want ! the one to hold you tight ! the one to protect you and save you ! the one who you share everything with and vice versa ! the one whose sarcastic remarks keep your idiocy at bay ! and arghhh....Decker was all that and it was just perfect . Romance has always made me turn into jelly . now it depends how the jelly turns out . was it a good jelly or a bad one ? This here my dear friends was certainly a GOOOOD one :D

He knows what Delaney knows . He feels what she feels . yet his motives vary from hers and that makes him dangerous and ultimately creepy . with his brain damage , he is a certified retard . with his transitional phases from being the guy who makes you feel safe to the guy you fear the most literally made me shit in my pants .

4.the set-up , Premise and the feel to it .
my praises to the author for making the book so easy to connect with that emotions of characters could very well be felt . Delaney's confusion , fear , need , strength ; Decker's love , warmth , strength , guilt , power ; Troy and everything about Troy ....could be felt .
my heart lit up when the romantic edge took over , i was scared of Troy . i was really scared . and with the Wintery , cold effect to it , the book seemed all the more strong .

5.philosophical perspective of humans .
every person is entitled to their own opinion . thoughts and ideas are diverse in this world and it's the way you look at the thing which truly matters . our characters felt the samething but had a different way of looking at it . like here ..we have..
Suffering -> would you end it ? or leave it because you have no right ?
Guilt -> his fault or hers ?
a nice job has been done to cover that aspect as well :)

as i finally conclude ...
there is this line which has been haunting my mind since i started writing this review ....

“If you had one day left to live, what would you do?”

in all i recommend all to give this book a try . because this certainly is an entertaining read and with it's paranormal edge with Romance as the cherry on the cake , This book is definitely one that shouldn't be missed :)