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Good Oil - Laura Buzo Miss Amelia Hayes, welcome to The Land of Dreams. I am the staff trainer. I will call you grasshopper and you will call me sensei and I will give you the good oil.

Now that is what i call Awesome .

Good Oil by Laura Buzo is a honest to good realistic teenage wonderland roller-coaster ! it's exciting , hilarious and has that Australian aura of a light read flowing around it !

there would always be or was a time at some point in our teenage lives that we would come across a hot-smexy guy and develop a quick crush on him , even if he's a good ten or twenty years older . but who can help it ? not our fault that female hormones go all wild when they sense something Smexy ! seriously ?
anyhow , our protagonist Amelia Hayes , a fifteen-year old , literature-loving-mature-for-her-age-yet-decent-and-innocent angel seems to be love-struck in a similar kind of a situation .
i liked Amelia . She is the true definition of a teenager ! She's smart , intelligent , hardworking , a bit messed up , shy but confident when she needs to be and the bestest of all , a person who knows where she stands even if she does sometimes wish to be the part of a clique consisting the popular crowd . with her independent and level air around her she's also the girl who hopes and wishes for her dream guy to finally reciprocate to her feelings and just be with her . in this case , we here have , 21-year old , Chris . ( Amelia's wonderboy )

Chris .
Sociology student . Looking for his perfect woman . 21-year-old . Cute , sex on the stick and confident . drinks a lot and writes a journal .
do i like him ?


Chris was an amazing character ! his little remarks and the way his mind processed thoughts , no doubt attracted me towards him . A personal note to Amelia , Girl i don't blame you ! this guy has seriously got his thing going on ;) .
back to the point . i loved how he looked out for Amelia . how he guided her , helped her and communicated with her . there was point where Chris mentions things about Amelia , where he wants her to grow up to be an awesome person . where he wants her to learn and achieve things he knows she can .
i also adored the part where he states his inner turmoil of how he truly connects with Amelia and wished that she were a bit old .. his sensitive side showed how he cared about her . he knew he didn't want to hurt to her and he knows his own feelings are a bit mixed because excuse moi , A 21 year old and a 15 year old does sound a bit wrong.. Not that i agree ! because even when i was just 5 years old , i had this huge crush on Leonardo Di Caprio and cried a lot after he died in Titanic and secretly fantasized of me being with him and blah blah blah . but the point is , if Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore could marry each other ? why not Chris and Amelia ?!
(and i personally hate Demi and Ashton together , A Lot . -.-)

you know by the time the book got over , i seriously had confusing thoughts about how i would rate the book . but then a little bit time and i realized that this is as good as it gets ! every reader wishes to Connect with the book and it's characters ! and i think i really understood both of their perspectives . while i always wished for authors keeping the story real and believable , i realized that realistic things are stuff you dislike the most . because THAT is what originality and reality actually is . and Kudos to the author for that because She's done a fantastic job in doing that .

i think i do like the ending , As a matter of fact :D

in the end , Good Oil was an amazing read with Australian beauty at it's best yet again :D