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Hana - Lauren Oliver Delirium by Lauren Oliver , had been one of the first books i read the time i had joined Goodreads . i loved it ! i had heart fluttering giggling feats from when i read about the Lena and Alex times . and my heart just tore when i finished Delirium because damn , i had really cried A LOT . and especially the last chapter ! it was so heart breaking ! i really do love and miss Alex .

Hana was Lena's bestfriend and i had always liked her character ! she was the strong , confident and fearless girl we know from the pages of Delirium . so when i saw the e-book wandering around in all it's glory around the internet . i knew that i had to get it ! because i just loved hana and Delirium . and anything related to it is 100% welcome by me .

Hana by lauren Oliver is a short story and is From Hana's point of view . we come to know about how she felt and what she did and what she knew .
there is a whole new different side to Hana . we can see that behind all that bravado ,she afterall is vulnerable . at some point of time , i was sympathizing with her . and the end , well did come as a surprise .
after reading the last line i was like , "who would have thought?" :P

with the short story we get a sneak peek of Pandemonium , and let me just tell you ! i can hardly wait !