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Bittersweet - Sarah Ockler LIGHTS , CAMERA , CUPCAKES !

Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler is so mesmerizing ...

just so mesmerizing .....

the sweet taste of the sugary frosting , on the crunchy yet soft base and crust of the cupcake sprinkled with sweet treats or just plain chocolate served alongside with a mug of Hot Chocolate nice and warm with soft marshmallows floating around in it on a wintery cold day in that one person's arms right in front of a set up fire who makes all the difference ...just you and him and all the warmth and sweetness around you ....AND...

damn .
i have notorious Mouth-watering fantasies flying around in my mind and they just don't seem to stop .

i still remember about the time when i saw Twenty-boy summer by Ms. Ockler lying around in a deep hidden corner of a shelf of my library and how i would constantly ignore it because my mind would wander away in the world of some other book as the prose of the one in my hand would feel vague . then came a day that i couldn't find anything to read and came across it again . i decided that i would read it because even though the synopsis didn't attract me that much , giving it a try sure as hell wouldn't hurt me . after reading THAT book i realised that i had been highly dumb to do what i did and that anything by Ms. Ockler would definitely be welcome by me .
and i thank god to this day for opening my eyes ! because if it hadn't happened i would have never read something so Good ,innocent and sweet like , Bittersweet.

Bittersweet introduces us to Hudson Avery famously known as the 'Cupcake Queen of Watonka ' . She invents , Makes , Bakes and Skates .
Hudson's life has been a literal roller-coaster starting from the point of tension in her house to her abandoning her dreams on the ice rink to the eventual separation of her parents and her friends and finally to doing what she does and that is working in her mom's diner as the seventeen-year old baking extraordinaire . Hudson's life till now has always been based on 'What if's' . what would've happened if she would have continued ? what would happen if she left ?
Things start taking turns for a brighter side when the promises of Opportunities , blooming love , boost in Self-confidence and the Bonds of friendship and family knock right at her front doorstep and leaves her with only one question ...

What Would She Choose ?

What i loved->

1.Cuuuupcakes .
the aroma of the sweet little cupcakes when they are set in the oven .the sweet icing put on them and sprinkled together with various things ! OMG ... i might just dies gushing about nothing but cupcakes .

“Vanilla cupcakes with crushed chocolate cookie crumbs
topped with bailey’s cream cheese frosting
and a light dusting of cocoa powder”

"Vanilla cupcakes topped with whipped peanut butter cream cheese icing, milk chocolate chips, crushed pretzels, and a drizzle of warm caramel."

*rushes outside and begs older brother to drive her to the city so that she can pick up cupcakes and pastries*

2.The Start of Every Chapter with the recipe of a Cupcake
i loved how cleverly the author set up a recipe for every chapter depending on the flow and mood of the story and making it so irresistibly AWESOME .

3.Hudson Avery , the Cupcake Queen and the ultimate likable Ice princess
Whenever Hudson was on the ice she knew what she had to do and all was set straight in her mind . Wobbly and full of Confidence at first but she's the leader of the pack when finally on ice .
it's been a hard time for her . Her parents have divorced , her mom's struggling with bills and she still obsesses over what might have been . She's what you call a multi-tasker ! Keep School and cupcake baking Aside , she gets her hands on coaching the Hockey team of Watonka High and needs to practice her routines in skating as well !
what i liked about Hudson was how she thought about things . sure she was pretty dumb and selfish when it came to certain things but things her bad-ass moment to prove herself in front of the Hockey guys so that they take her seriously and listen to her was Epic .

4.Lover Boy A.k.A the guy who stole my heart
Josh Blackthorn.
This Clumsy-Hot-Sexy-Cute-Amazing-fantastic-Ice-Prince Masterpiece had me on my knees begging for him to step out of the page and be real !
i loved him and everything about him !
The time he banged Hudson and the uber-smuggly-wiggly description of how he caught her and held her against his chest was enough for me to drool.
i actually liked how amazing real and easy this guy felt . Light and fun on words and long glances towards the girl and that one hug ...oh boy , I'm High .
there was a point where i thought that Hudson and he aren't really going to end up together ! but omg what a way to start it !
This book proves one thing , that guys are insecure and shy as well ! they aren't always superheroes when it comes to confessing their undying love for a girl ! and the way Hudson does it to Josh....
"Stop ." he holds up his hands ." you don't owe me any explanation , i just overreacted.I'm not..."
"I need to say this ." i grab his nad ,holding it tight ."Will and i were seeing each other for a couple of weeks before the storm at Filmore . Because-"
"Hudson , you-"
"Because i realised I was falling for another guy , Fifty-six."
He raises his eyebrows and takes a step back but i go on forward to follow him , to catalog the intensity in his eyes . all the colors . The tiny scar . the soft lips .
Josh takes a deep Breath . "I don't ----"
"Blackthorn? Please. Shut . Up."

(and then they kissed and i drowned in utter bliss of sweetness...)

5.The Friendships- lost and found .
it was so nice to see that development of friendship among the characters . the Witty banters , the 'Pink Princess' nickname all felt so warm and made me smile :)
this was a very strong point of the book and it's definitely one to cherish !

6.beautiful quotes and words
Sarah Ockler writes some of the most beautiful quotes on this planet . Words that touch the human soul , lines which makes you go . "EEeeeeeep" and words that make you cry .
Bittersweet is not far behind on that aspect !

“I turn the speakers on low just in time for the opening chords
of “Bittersweet”. It’s kind of a sad song, slow and mellow and
haunted, none of that everything’s-gonna-be-all-right-fairy dust
crap they play on the radio these days, and that’s exactly what I
like about it. It tells the truth. Sometimes life rocks so hard your
heart wants to explode just because the sun came up and you got
to feel it on your face for one more day. Sometimes you get the
bitter end instead. Life is as gray and desolate as winter on the
lakeshore, and there’s no way around it, no cure, no escape”

pretty right ?

My urge to dig Scarlet Letter
I've definitely lost my mind .

In all Bittersweet was a wonderful , cute , and blah blah blah and BLAH to anything related to awesomeness kind of a book ! loved every bit of it . Cupcakes to Ice . Love to Insecurity . this one here sure is one to make you smile ,giggle and laugh :)
a definite recommendation to EVERYONE to read !