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This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers This here had to have one of the most unsatisfying and bleak endings ever , yet i'm such a hypocrite when i say that i had FUN with it .

This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers is one encapsulated together with a lot of flaws . It's a slow and a subtle read with it's Dark , sad , gloomy , gory and all-together Zombie-thing going on blastingly for it .

It's the end of the world and the reason , my friends like you already know about or don't know about are , ZOMBIES .
Our protagonist Sloane Price along with 5 other high-school students had survived the initial wrath of the dead and are now on the run for survival . For Sloane , it's already ended . Her life had come to a dead end when her sister went away . it was as if all that was ever meant to be , everything she planned for went for a six . it's like she has no purpose in life and what she really is right now is plain miserable and forever lost . But with all the hopes and struggles by the other who really want to live around her , there stands only one question ..
"For what it's worth , would you hold onto to your dear life if everything which made your life feel alive was dead ?"

this is not your 'bad-ass kill the zombie and live' kind of a book . This one here is something which plunges into things on the emotional side .
You're confined in a building , with death swarming outside in horrible numbers waiting to taste your flesh , you have just to things with you , fight or flight . what would you choose ?
You've lost your family and are completely clueless , you have two options with you , live or die ?
Do you blame yourself when things around you aren't alive but you are ?
is there any hope in the world if the basic humanity is growing non-existent ?
in the spur of the moment , would you save the life others or just ...yours ?

initially when i started with the book , i was like oh damn ! this zombie thing does not fail to keep my heart right at the edge ! it was definitely intense !
the thing is when i was finished with the book i was completely disappointed . i kept on asking the screen of my laptop , that WTF was the point ?!
->why were there zombies at the first place , mutation or because some lame humans wanted to try something new when it came to food ?
->what really happened to the families of the others ?

infact my basic questions were all 'whys' and 'hows' . it all felt so left out and incomplete and it even lacked the kick-the-zombie-butt action .

after finishing all my reading , i took a deep breath and simply wandered into what i think and that's what i finally came up with ......


screw the ass-kicking . throw away the action . trash the dangerous things .
just imagine what would be your state when you would be in such a situation ?
Would you care about kicking a deadman's ass or saving yours ?

this is not a manual to survive . this is survival personified .

Ms. Summers sure knows how to write her books .
and with this one here , i'm sure i'll be there to read her future works with whole-hearted punctuality . :D