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From What I Remember... - Stacy Kramer, Valerie  Thomas “Feeling screwed
up at a screwed-up time
in a screwed-up place
does not necessarily
make you screwed up."

The start of every chapter with famous lines from movies . gay best friend . uber hot guy . kickass girl . the essence of 'the hangover'. And Mexico ....


oh boy , this has been quite a ride .

From What i Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas , starts with a 'Hangover-ish' opening with our main protagonists stranded in Ensenda , Mexico on the day of their graduation with only 5 hours left with them to make it back .

Kylie Flores , the school valedictorian , topper of the class , micro-manager , half-Latina-half-Jewish and master planner has always been the one to stay away from three things -> drinking , drugs and dating .
She's comfortable with her lonely MoJo going on for her as she hates the popular crowd and tries her best to stay away from them along with her only companion and best friend for life , Will Bixby .
Will's character was one i loved a lot ! i for one was shocked to death when i came to know about him being gay and then i kept on thinking that damn ! a potential character would be wasted for nothing because that's what usually happens . you start with a gay guy and don't even give him more than 20 pages . but i was so wrong .
this guy was just hilarious ! and damn-right the best of all the protagonists in the whole book .
Kylie's and Will's friendship was highly adorable . Their way of easy talking with each other , the 'i've always got your back' feelings for another and the 'whatever best friends do we'll do better' vibes brought together by extreme knowledge of movie lines was just fantastic ! :D

“This is an incredibly
romantic moment, and
you’re ruining it for me.”
yeah , it has this one too . and i was literally squealing because this line had to be one of my favorites .

Coming back to the topic , It's the last day of school i.e is the day before the Graduation day . due to some uneventful , highly dumb , a bit kick-ass things , Kylie and Max find themselves stuck in Mexico . but what they see as their worst living nightmare might just be the best fantasy come alive .
Max was hot .
He's the perfect asshat with qualities that make him a certified jerk .
Though , When in Mexico , we get to see his awesome side .
at some point of time i felt sympathetic towards him , because what can a guy do when he's falling for a sexy Latina by his side while he already has a barbie Girlfriend .
Enters the barbie girlfriend , Lily .
She's the bitch . The classic cliche Beyatch .
enough said .

This was a fun read but with deeper things going on under the surface as well . All the above characters have problems in their personal spheres . the way they overcome it ,participate in trying something new and being different felt like a breath of fresh air .
and what more can be said when all's being said and done in Mexico..

the Fuentes Boys anyone ?

This book is on a longer side though it wouldn't fail to entertain . i can proudly say that i loved it :D

“We’re all
pretty bizarre. Some
of us are just better at
hiding it, that’s all.”

it has Breakfast Club too !!

my advice -> go on , read it and give it a try :)