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Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta "I'll come and find you wherever you are , I'll not stop breathing until i do . So you're going to have to promise me that you won't lose hope . That you will keep yourself alive."

Froi you didn't need words to make me weep .
oh and was Froi the only one who made tears fall as if topics and discussions about conservation of water were merely discussions ?

nope .

Melina Marchetta i want to marry you . God i wish i was a man . you are just so awesome . that's a masterpiece right there . So goood and etc .
and the list goes on...

that above is my retarded and failed attempt to be sarcastic or atleast a bit funny , even if it's lame . but how can you be sarcastic when you cry your guts out ?
no , seriously .
i maybe a softie who cries a lot , but this was just too much .
i remember how i'd finished reading Finnikin of the Rock and was so happy and jumpy that i'd said numerous incoherent things about it to match my satisfaction and happiness of being blown away by a MM book yet again . i remember that young boy found in Sarnak by Finnikin and Isaboe . that savage human who was ever-so-consumed with his quick temper and spitting habit . Who tried to force himself on Isaboe of Lumatere for the pleasure of satisfying his lust of the animal inside him and not just pleasure . who bonded with the Queen and swore to Protect her . who walked by her even though he knew nothing about her true identity . That thin , Frail guy who was illiterate and was lost as he didn't know where he belonged . i still remember the time when Evangeline (Isaboe) the novice revealed the Sarnak's savage's name to be Froi . about the time when i realised that he was going to be THE Froi who was going to be the hero of the second book in the Lumatere Chronicles . I remember the time when the Froi of the Exiles took my breath away ...

before striking up the book , i remember the thought that had crossed my mind .
"could Froi stand upto his predecessor ?"
Who would've thought that 3 years after the Lumateren curse was pullled up ,the boy would be the man who burst my fantasy bubble and stood up way higher than my expectations ?

I'm dumbfounded .
I might be a big time fan of Melina Marchetta . i might say things that might sound absolutely foolish when it comes to her . but today i feel horribly sentimental . i've said it before and i'm going to say it again ..

Froi Of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta was in my opinion 'THE' book to stand up to another of her greatest , On the Jellicoe Road.
it's like a reel of the past playing . how i weeped with Taylor and Narnie . how i swooned over Jonah Griggs . how i was touched emotionally . how 100 pages twisted my mind over and over again . how the prologue was enough to send chills through my spine and attract me with it's sheer simplicity and originality . how i laughed to the witty banter between the friends of the two generations . how i thought that the message and essence of 'hope' could have never been built better .

it's been three years since the curse over Lumatere had been lifted up . The exiles , The Queen , Her Consort , The King's Guard , The First Man , the villagers of the Flatlands , the fierce Monts , The mighty people of the River , The Brave residents of the Rock and the Forest Dwellers work together to build the broken kingdom of Lumatere once again . Froi has finally found home or that's what he thinks . Loyal to the people of Lumatere , he will do anything for them . Well it's a fact . to stop one from prospering you have to weaken them from inside . The kingdom of Charyn , also responsible for the Holocaust-like times of Lumatere stands as threat to Lumatere . When Froi, who is now trained ,highly learnt and thouroughly stacked with weapons , is sent as an assassin to the Kingdom Charyn . He comes in term with revelations that not only are the reason for his existence but are also the foundation of the fate of a kingdom that would either rise or fall to never come back . He will finally know where he is , what he is and is drawn to the world of Quintana , the half mad princess and secrets of his blood . for ,

Blood sings to blood, Froi . . .
Those born last will make the first . . .
For Charyn will be barren no more.

(Devyani , you could have never sounded Sooo dramatic . the symptoms of the Bomb are easy to spot .)

i've always noticed how Ms . Marchetta tries to bring out certain messaged through her novels .
Hope . Women Power . Road to Happiness . Redemption . Cruelty . Truth of Human emotions . Lust . Power . Greed . Hero . Diversity . Fantasy . revelations .
such things are not hard to miss in her books . they are like a yo-yo . you get it , you play with it . you don't get it but you still continue playing with it .

remember how i mentioned and asked if Froi was the only character who made a difference?
i clearly had answered no .

Quintana had to be one of the strongest characters beside Froi . her past , the mystery around her birth , her sacrifice , her strength , her love and savageness are things that define her . i was horrified beyond the possible extent to read and think about what she was and had been going through .
The next book is from her perspective and with the chilly cliffhanger ending given , i know there is much more to come .

Froi , cannot be explained . yes to everything related to swooning , crying , dying and understanding .
No to everything that ever doubts his character .

Froi of the Exiles is a mixture of stories put in together very intelligently . The Brother's struggle , The Serkers , Lirah , Phaedra and Lucian , Beatrice and Trevanion , Traitors , The lastborn's attempt to save Quintana , The history , Finnikin and Isaboe , the tension of the kingdoms , Tessadora , Perri and oh boy the list is reaaaally long .

infact , i also can't help but discuss elaborately about Phaedra and Lucian .
There's was a story so heartfelt .
i cannot mention much but i promise you that 'love' could never have been shown in a better way than this . it is cruel . but it's the heartbreaking broken pieces which make the best love stories .
oh Lucian . dear Phaedra .
(you see that ! i'm weeping like crazy even though it's a tale of two hopeless fictional characters !)

In the first book , We come to know about the strong friendship between Trevanion and Perri , dont we ?
Here , their mere conversations had managed to send warmth throught my whole body !

Froi -> Are you calling us Pigs ?
Rafuel ->yes you all eat like pigs .
Froi-> actually yes i am pig-like .
Froi(turns to Trevanion and Perri)-> and gives a look .
Perri ->what is it ?
Froi -> he says we eat like pigs .
Trevanion and Perri think about it for a moment ...nod..
and then go back to their conversation .

rafuel is teaching Froi the Etiquette of dancing in Charyn .
Rafuel-> not like that you fool .
Froi -> this how we dance in Lumatere !
Rafuel -> you dance as if you're main aim is to stomp around on people's feet !
Froi (turns towards Trevanion and Perri , again .) -> gives a look .
Trevanion (irritated tone)-> What is it now ?!
Froi -> he says we don't know how to dance .
Trevanion and Perri ....nod and go back to their conversation .

the above conversations are similar to the one's in the book but are simply shortened to lines . they might not be funny right now , but for the moment in the book they are just perfect .

Oh i don't feel like leaving out anything behind . the struggle of the Exiles of Charyn .the fight and bravery..EVERYTHING .
infact , i feel this one here was way more intense than it's former . it was definitely gripping and pathetically exhausting .

how many nights have i been awake fighting my exhaustion and eyes which were such traitors as i kept on falling asleep !
i swear i saw two bloodshot sleepy eyes before me when i'd looked in the mirror .

Froi of the Exiles was a wonderful sequel to it's predecessor . Often between parallel workings of storyline i would get lost in the magic and start to wonder in awe of how the author could create such a world so easy to picturise and admire . to feel fear , pain , happiness , sadness , shock is something which speaks of how a reader connects with the characters. i can never ever come close to writing my heart out about how i felt . this is something i can never forget and never will . and just like in the story , Froi would always remain a part of me :)

cheers to MM again and also heartiest thanks to god for creating things in world that could make illusions , thoughts and virtual spaces seem real and magical :)

If the above sentimental flow of emotions couldn't convince you to read this book then the other 5-star ratings by almost everyone would definitely do :D