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I eat books and get eaten by them. It's an uncomplicated relationship. 

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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James my views ?
Fifty shades of fucked up .

erm ,guilty pleasure would be the right adjective for this situation .
I hated that Man . oh yeah , i hated Christian Grey . A control-freak-stalker-extraordinaire-multi-billionaire-sexy-as-hell-and-grey-eyes-and-just-basically-psycho , that guy was so weird .
Okay i admit it ! when you have a multi-billionaire stalking you and who literally comes of full frontal by expressing his feelings of wanting you . things do go crazy .
And if you're that girl whose been subject to his somewhat highly-weirdy-attractive behavior , then seriously girl i don't blame you .

But when you get a whiff or wait ! a sneak peek to a whole new side to the smexy guy looming right next you then ummm well i would say it's your strength saving you here . you have two things pal , Conscience or no-Conscience . what would your choice be ?
So ummm , our protagonist Anastasia Steele seems to be in a similar kind of a situation and umm well she succumbs to it ...

UHHHHH .... *deadpan silence*
okay here goes nothing .

BDSM is seriously something i cringe in thinking about . I'm all about Vanilla-free-will .
(if you've read it ...you'll get what i mean .)
so when this guy comes along with his strange dark MoJo on ...i'm well ...uh ...okay....bleh !


damn .
Girl , get a grip.

All i'm saying is That this weird guy just came , swept the darling heroine off her feet , did things *coughs* ...made me laugh and definitely made me hate the ending .

i'll be straightforward when i say that i smiled like a pig when Ana and Christian had their interesting ridiculous Email chats . and that loved those bits of 'I usually donot sleep with anyone on my bed ...as in sleep! sleep ...but yeah , with you ..i'd like to do that and so on. '
and that this one line will forever be with me ,

We aim to please .

ahh well that's that and okay i'm going to shut up .