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Hunting Lila - Sarah Alderson Some girls get highly annoying with their constant chatter of love declarations and fantasy .

but Lila .


her little Alex descriptions were spot-on-give-me-a-heart-attack-because-i-swoon-too-much .
His Chest . His cropped up blonde Hair . Warmth of his embrace . His blue eyes . His hard-ab stomach . Him .

( i think i'm going to vaporize due to the excess heat i'm receiving right now .)

Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson introduces us to our main protagonist Lila Loveday . Her life is one of those messed up kinds . Her mother was brutally murdered , Her dad grew distant , and took of to London taking Lila as well and leaving behind two people who mattered the most in her life -- her brother Jack and his best friend , Alex who like i mentioned before has been Lila's dream man from the time she broke her leg and that was when she was just five years old . ( yep , it's intense. )
Adding to her messed up life is a secret she plans to subdue and control . and that my friends , is her power of 'i-use-my-mind-to-move-things' . in short , telekinesis .

and she uses it very effectively ;)
"My hands slid up under his T-shirt.
It was such an overwhelming desire i couldn't have stopped myself if i'd tried . the t-shirt was lifting without me even touching it .
Wonderful , useful power ."

( like i said , she uses her power very effectively .)

Now an incident happens which involves Lila almost blinding a man and terrifying others as well as her own self and so she flees to California , to the two humans she loves the most . ( need i mention them ? )

Now Jack and Alex are marines who work for a secret organisation called 'The Unit' . Lila discovers that the two of them have been finding and hunting down the people responsible for her mother's death and that they've found them .
the problem here is , that the people who are being held responsible for murdering her mother are people just like her . People with special powers .

Let me just start by giving Lila a huge hug !
Her thoughts about Alex , Her thoughts about herself , Her powers .
everything made her one of the most understandable and hilarious protagonists . i must have snorted from saving myself from laughing a few times due to her train of thoughts which went to starry heights .

like this one here ,
“I sunk down onto the bench in the middle of the car. So Alex had loved me the whole time, from the moment we'd seen each other again? All that time I'd been freaking out about Rachel? All that time I'd spent inches away from him, sleeping in his bed by myself; sitting opposite him at dinner, smashing plates; clinging to him on the back of his bike; sneaking peeks at him through a half-ajar bathroom door - and all the time he'd been in love with me? We'd wasted all that time when we could have been kissing? And he'd had to wait until two seconds before leaving me until he told me? If the Unit didn't kill him, I was going to.”

and this one ,
i looked over again at Alex and thought about what she'd said . He still had his back to me. i imagined walking up to him , tapping on his shoulder , waiting until he turned and then say 'i love you' .

Yeah , i was happy to suffer from fear .

and this one too ,
"look , you don't need to worry about me. Like i said , i can take care of myself and i dealt with it . they didn't even take my Ipod ."
his eyes widened ,"what HOW did you deal with it ?"
My cheeks filled up like a pufferfish and i let the air out in a rush , "ummm , i guess i'm pretty damn Ninja" .

and this one is an universal favorite of all .

“I felt his other hand sear hot against my cheek. He bent his head, and in a voice that Jack couldn’t hear, said, “When you came down the stairs, and fell into me, that was the moment.” Then his lips pressed against mine.”

and that's when the evaporation of my body started at full blast .

i'm going to go all technical and into the pages now .
i loved how the book is fast paced and you never get a chance to feel bored or irritated due to slow-paced fantasies of love . it all happens in a blink . you're so much into the book that every move and twist is a highly anticipated one . i think i gasped when Suki said that Lila's mother was alive and was being contained.
the transitional changes in the layers of the book was a pretty damn fantastical done job. i mean the first chapter sets the initial pace of Lila's telekinetic skills and then we move on too swoonworthy things and gooey sap of crushes and love and i almost forget about what the basic storyline is and get lost in the magic and then suddenly the book hits me with it's own version of X-Men and i'm busy gasping , panting and jumping .that's when the twist hits you all over again with a world built so intelligently and where you are alone and don't know who should be trusted . and when it turns around AGAIN with a cliffhanger in the end and then you are busy howling for the sequel because you've got it bad .

A Roller-coaster ! yep that's pretty much it .

Then Ms. Alderson also splays out wonderful sub-characters like Suki , Ryder and Demos .
i think i personally loved Suki . She's a telepath and the her little invasions in Lila's thought were something i laughed at and loved .
i can't wait to get my hands on , Catching Suki :D

Boys with the name , 'Alex' have always had a soft spot in my heart . From the Fuentes lad to the guy who risked his life in Delirium to finally this guy , Alex Wakeman . i have to say i'm starting developing a crush on such guys .
added with Uber-hotness , a caring , cute , considerate , calm demeanor
with an "i will always protect you" attitude . i think i've fallen hard .
his consoling , calculating and carefree behavior won my heart .
( i noticed something . other than the term 'Uber-hotness' my description on Alex has been limited to words that start from 'C' . :P )
and extra bonus point for the red bike hew owns .
i would obligingly love to volunteer on riding behind him even if it meant my life was in danger . Yes , i swear i would .

i was also touched with Lila's thoughts of how she wanted both the men in her life to be safe and sound . how she begged and fought to make sure they were safe . i think the last bit about Jack , kind of broke me .

Interesting start + X-men power + Alex + Bad people who are good people and good people who are bad people and good people who remain good and bad people who remain bad + the romance = HUNTING LILA .

and we have a winner :D

the reason why my heart has been bouncing and why reading this book has been an exhilarating experience is solely because of the fact that while i was expecting such an appreciative reaction from me-self i wasn't expect this much . because , people i'm dying here .
Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson is a must read ! if you believe in romantic shit and special powers . then this book is definitely for you.

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream
The way you turn me on, I can't sleep
Let's runaway and don't ever look back
Don't ever look back

i have no idea why , but as the book was ending i felt myself humming this song :P