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The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - Melissa Jensen From: fmarino@thewillingschool.org
To: abainbr@thewillingschool.org
Date: December 19, 6:54 p.m.
Subject: Three Things
1. Truth: I’m terrified of an embarrassing number of things, including Ferris wheels, rusty nails, being alone, and being with someone.
2. Truth: I’m working on that.
3. Dare: Take a chance on me, Alex Bainbridge. Qu’ieu sui precieuse, Ieu lo sai.*



Those Gifs out there truly show how excited and happy i was for when i came across it's ebook .
this one had to be one of the most anticipated reads in my TBR , obviously because of it's highly attractive tagline ...
Pretty in Pink meets Anna and the French Kiss and because the guy's name is 'Alex' and lately i seem to have gooey fantasies about guys with this name .

the thing that hurts the most is that while i could see 5 stars shining brightly on a neon board above the cover , while i was hoping for A LOT of swooning and a LOT of drooling ...i came across none .

Sure it was a sweet book , but giving it THAT kind of a tagline probably made me set up the whole bar and level of expectations quite high.

okay so here's the deal ,
We have Fiorella 'Ella' Marino as our quirky , insecure , shy and a highly relatable protagonist . She lives , breathes and creates art .
She's obsessed with Edward Willing , a 19th century artist , art icon , imaginary companion and also the topic of her honors thesis .
She goes to Edward Willing High School and is basically an invisible human among the vast population of rich , popular and good-looking people in her school with her two best-friends , Frankie and Sadie who she loves the most . i'll have to say that i found her annoying as well as my true best friend in some places in the book .
her belief and ideas of love are something that has been almost every girl's way of thinking . Her little mentions of explaining scenarios by distinguishing between wishful thinking and reality was an absolute hit .
for example i really loved this one here ,
“You mean you won’t sing,” Sadie corrected. I tried to be charitable about her treason; she goes pretty brainless around Daniel. “Ella sings really
“I’m sure she does.” Daniel tipped his beer glass in my direction. “In fact, I bet she could totally murder ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.” A song that is actually
one of my guilty pleasures. I think he probably knew that. I think he probably had himself a lovely chuckle over it. Then he whispered, “Coward.”
In another story, the plucky little heroine would have slapped both hands onto the table, making it wobble a little on its predictably uneven fourth leg.
She would then have taken both hands, ripped the long scarf from around her neck and, chin high and scar spotlit, stalked to the dais, leaped up, and
slayed the audience with her kick-ass version of “Respect.” Or maybe “Single Ladies,” for the sheer Yay factor.
In this version, I gave Daniel what I hoped was a slayer look and busied myself refolding my napkin.

i must say ,the author has done a stellar job in keeping it real !
and i adore it :)

then enters our guy , Alex Bainbridge .
Hot , tall , beautiful , Lacrosse player , Evil-cliche girlfriend of a year and a half and french extraordinaire .
That's Alex for you .
Now the thing is , Ella is quite a bomber when it comes to French . Hailing from an italian family , French is the last thing she cares about until it comes down to her grades , of course .
Comes our dearest french extraordinaire to the rescue ...ta-da !
and that's how things to start to happen ..and thus our story begins .

The Fine art Of Truth And Dare by Melissa Jensen , kickstarts with an awesome , hilarious start . i could see myself grinning like a pig in all it's glory because i felt that all my excitement and patience was finally showing colors .
With hilarious conversations with Edward Willing and End of every chapter with a laughing fit , i could see the shining future of the book .

Maybe i was just too fast .

around the Mid-section of the book , it felt slack and almost boring .
it felt dragged and there were times where this book completely lost me . Also i felt that some parts of the storyline was completely unnecessary . Like take Daniel's character (Frankie's brother) for an instance ! why was he even there ? what difference did it make ?
Also as much as i liked Ella's character , i felt disconnected with her as well . Alex had to be one of those heroes who i couldn't even understand .
i have this crazy impulse to compare between the lines .
for an instance ,
You has Ettiene and Alex .
You don't know much about Ettiene . You don't know much about Alex .
Yet you swoon over Ettiene and gush about practically everything related to him ! while you feel disconnected with Alex and find him likable just for the sake of it .

around this time Pretty in Pink had been rocking my mind as well .
Blaine might have not been a favorite of mine ( yes i always vouched for Ducky ) but when he said those three magical words to Ms .Ringwald , i believed and had those warm fuzzy things flowing through me .
While Alex's character is a definite parallel version of Blaine . i wasn't even satisfied with the things he said .

infact , i was so detached ! i was almost hoping Frankie ( who i truly loved ) to come ahead and say that he's not gay and that he's loved Ella all his life and blahblahblahblah . or something like Daniel stepping forward and saying 'it was always you.' and so on .

though the character of Edward Willing was a pretty sought out one . i felt that in some areas i was actually wondering and trying hard to analyze things as he spoke . because trust me , it became so dull i almost got confused and had no idea of what was going on .
i also feel cheated because where were the French Lessons !? okay so there were one or two but it felt so bland and short ! i think other than the end which might i mention was one of the best things about the book , there were almost 'zero' Alex and Ella cute moments .

but with the loose ends comes the sweet treats as well :)
i loved Ella's grandmother ! her feisty attitude was definitely something to look out for .
i was enamored by the story of Michelangelo Costa , Elizabetta and the sea .
I loved the restaurant scenes with Ella's family . it felt nice , homely and warm .
Karaoke bar . inner turmoil between truth and dare . Italian food . great music and art , are things that saved this book .

as i end ,
i have this need to say that this book definitely had great potential .
The ideas were fantastic ! mermaids , art , insecurity , Connolis , short girl and tall guy , cute moments that did make me smile and funny banters here and there ,
THE FINE ART OF TRUTH AND DARE by Melissa Jensen is definitely a light , hearty read .
i do recommend this book but also advice not to set expectations TOO high . no , i'm not degrading the book . but while some may love it , some may go through feelings of disappointment as well :)