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Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park "You can look back now and see how you should have known, but you were focusing on the facts instead of the feeling."

the synopsis of the book starts with this description ..

Flat-Out Love is a warm and witty novel of family love and dysfunction, deep heartache and raw vulnerability, with a bit of mystery and one whopping, knock-you-to-your-knees romance...


Do Not ! not in a million years under-estimate this book as just a normal , light-hearted book .

Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park is one surprising read .
not only was i enamored and giddy because of the non-stop romantic goosebumps i kept on receiving in huge numbers but also was spellbound mystified and reminded that words do affect a person's soul and heart .

from John Hughes creations like Sixteen Candles to Disney's tampering and molding of another fairy-tale into motion pictures to Love songs of joy , emancipation and of well..love ?
these have always been things that circle around the topic of that 'one' emotion , feeling or a phase of life where the things important to you become so close to your heart that you feel like you never really want to let go .
Some of them touch you and some of them become slimy and equivalent to the term 'cheesy' .
For Flat-out Love i was sure it had to be the first option . though never ! even my wildest imagination did i think of it adopting the emotional route .
Sure , you swoon , you drool , you love .
but here ! you smile , you laugh , you cry , you swoon and drool at the same time , smile again and then cry again with joy .
swooning and gushing I can understand but crying ? YES . it was that 'surprising' and that 'touching' .

Flat-out Love takes us to Boston where Julie Seagle who just graduated from high school , is attending a college and is disastrously stranded on the sidewalk as she has no place to go to . Comes in to rescue is her mother's old friend , Erin Watkins , who invites Julie for staying in her house .

as much as Julie loves the Watkins family and feels a huge sense of gratitude towards and adores them , there is definitely something boiling beneath the surface and that emotions here are definitely bottled up with a thick facade at work .
so what could it be ?
Well our Female Super-heroine ain't gonna stop on that ! can she ?

Here’s the Watkins family for you :
The parents , Erin and Roger Watkins appear to be distant and are always away . while at home we have , the middle brother Matt , whose a total geek with an IQ equal to einstein’s . the youngest sibling is 13 year old Celeste whose quirky , feisty and highly sensitive and goes around carrying a cardboard poster of the eldest brother , Finn . and dear lord here comes Finn . traveler , adventurous and current specimen of Julie’s fantasies :D

Flat-out love is definitely a treat to the romantic hearts .
Put together with sentimental emotions this book was laugh-out-loud hilarious as well .
I’m one of those people who love spoilers . okay not technically but my excitement does bring out the worst of me …sometimes . he he :P
The thing is this book is full of surprises . it would have been classic If you would’ve seen my face when some certain things were revealed .

(it was something like this)



(definitely this)

This book is one hell of a treat and I recommend it to everyone .
I might not be your cup of tea but it’s one for the rainy days and atleast worth a try !

Until then I’ll keep on sighing and giggling with…

It was always you . I thought it was somebody else , but it was you .you were the person i felt .

Always in my mind :)