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The Catastrophic History of You and Me - Jess Rothenberg The Catastrophic History of You and Me.

Wow . the title is enough to attract your attentions , don't ya think ?

So do you want to know how the afterlife actually is ?
ever wondered about the last-moment-of-life flash right before you when you're about to die ?
How do you think heaven looks ?

well if you want to clarify your doubts , ask the new resident of D&G (dead and gone) , Brie .

sixteen-year old Brie . beautiful , romance junkie , diving queen , lover of 80's music and dead due to a heartbreak ->(something i can and never will be able to believe)
Brie dies when her boyfriend told her those four dreaded words : I Don't Love You and well.... died instantly .
The book opens up with Brie informing us about how she died and basically introduces herself with hilarious comparisons to cheese and her teenage fantasies .
This book states and narrates the story or should i rather say , a journey of a spirit to pass the five stages of grief and finally move on .
Her companion in her journey is eccentric , Top-Gun-Tom-Cruise lookalike , Messenger as well as resident soul , Patrick .
As they go about step by step , passing every stage , Brie realizes that things aren't all that stellar as they seem to be.

what striked me the most was how situations differ based on a person's or a soul's decisions ?
Just a bit of love ? and everything becomes sweeter and a pinch of hatred and need of vengeance and the whole sweetness evaporates .

other than that , when i have a close look at the 5 stages of grief :

i never really thought about it but now since it has been mentioned and has very well been written about , i can't help but feel awestruck by thinking about how great the system of life truly is ! the loss of someone can be felt deeply because he/her who was there with you isn't here now . i've read many grief books . i've cried my eyes out and have felt pathetically exhausted and restless as well because that's the power of words and emotions . it can make you , change you and even break you . the absence of that someone whose never going to be there again , does change things and makes a big difference .
to be losing someone is something but to be forever lost ?
Philosophies and the greater beyond are things that will forever be mysteries to the human mind . now that the wheel of my mind has started to rotate , how would it be for those who aren't here anymore ? those who cannot step foot on earth . do they exist ? are they watching me ? or are they just a figment of imagination of the human mind ?

to go ahead with such a topic and add a witty , lively and funny touch to it , i think the author has done a fabulous job considering it as her first novel .

Maybe i've gone bonkers of all that crying . because trust me i had started weeping from the start . ( how else would you react when a small 8-year old kid starts to cry ?!)
but let me tell you , this is one fun book .

don't underestimate the Laughing cavalry because when they attack you really do feel light and nice .

Loved it ! :D
would surely keep my eyes out on alert for the next novel :)