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Article 5 - Kristen Simmons Kill me God , For i have sinned .

Let me just start by saying how utterly and pathetically disappointed i am .

do you know how gobsmackingly attractive the cover is !?!
do you know how totally eye-catching the synopsis truly is ?!
Do you know how PATHETIC the heroin is ?!

make her come alive and i promise you ...I WILL KILL her .

So Article 5 starts with us being introduced to the new world and to the new rules and regulations . Rights and laws have been changed and have been replaced with a set of new rules known as the Moral Statutes.
Wars took place , houses were shattered , people were left homeless and to make things better a new Army is formed which btw is referred to as 'Moral Militia' . (take the hint . these guys are total bastards .)
Now our protagonist here , seventeen year old Ember Miller lives with her mom and is pretty awesome when it comes to being invisible .
Her life is torn apart when her rebellious , jumpy mom is arrested for noncompliance Article 5 of the Moral Statutes.
Now when your mom's being taken away even though she's innocent you can't just stand can you ?
So that's what Ember does . she goes and fights and ends up in a reformatory rehabilitation school for girls .
Things take a turn for the worse when she discovers that amongst the people who took away her mom is the boy she's loved forever -> Chase Jennings .

Now when it comes to Dystopia , i've noticed how the following things attract me ->
1. Badass girl .
I'm all about girl power because excuse me , the things women do with little things is enough for men to go all courage the cowardly dog and makes them simply pee in their pants . I hate clingy , needy and ridiculous heroins . they irritate me and frustrate my lovely mood for when i read a book .
Badass girls . they are independent because that's what you need to be when you're in a world like the one portrayed here . and the bestest of all ...They kick some serious butt because you need to be strong to survive .
Does a Ember Miller cut the 'i'm am the ultimate girl' thing ?
you hurt others and even realize it but keep up with your sleazy things ?
you are about to die and your boyfriend saves you and almost dies himself yet you call him a monster and run away from him ?
you just risked an innocent man's life by your idiocy , so why won't you stop with your idiotic actions ? why won't you just STAY STILL AND LISTEN ?
because girl , get a grip and GROW UP .
and what the hell is wrong with you ?! that guy just saved your puny little ass , saved you , is being hunted because of YOU , says the magical 'I Will never let anyone hurt you' words to you and yet you think he doesn't care about you or love you ?
WHAT ?! are you freaking blind !

2. A world so terrifying that makes me pray like crazy for things like these to NEVER happen .
...because that's what a dystopic fiction should be all about .

3.A love interest so HOT likable that i don't need to find mistakes or even think about words like 'dufus' and 'cheesy' .
I like men with the hot bod and the cute 'chiseled' face .
who wouldn't ?
i like it when they go protective with their 'I will not let them harm a hair on your body' or 'Trust Me' thing going on .
i love it especially for when they confess and say those three magical words . ( i'm a romantic afterall .)
BUT ...
i do not , will not and cannot stand a guy who puts up with shit like Ember .
So where does that leave you Chase ?
if i were you in your situation and if a girl who should seriously be 'thankful' and who deserves to cry and understand the meaning of 'gratitude' , runs away in a CORN FIELD just because you were protecting her and was going to get KILLED yourself ...
trust me , i would have left her .
with all her annoying screeching and painful complains and wishes , i know you were pretty pooped up too .



Seriously , can someone just provide this boy with a little piece of a 'rational' brain please .

i die for romance .
all the sexual tension does make me swoon .
but this is annoying .